Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1122

Everyone was in an uproar!
They stared at Lin Fan with weird eyes. Is this guy crazy?
Actually said that you want Baihu and Bai Chen to kneel down?
Father and son Shirakawa laughed loudly, already unable to straighten up, as if they had heard a big joke.
Not only them, but even the entire Galaxy Tower employees shook their heads one after another, sighing for Lin Fan’s irresponsibility.
Even ordinary people like them know how terrifying Bai Chen and Bai Hu are.
Bai Chen is now the third heir of the Bai family, with Zheng Honglian supporting him behind him, and Bai Hu is even more exaggerated. Not only is China’s three-star warrior, but the master is also the prestigious Dragon and Tiger God of War.
Let them kneel?
Lin Fan, are you crazy?
“Lin Fan, don’t talk nonsense!”
Bai Shan hurriedly reprimanded, feeling extremely nervous in his heart. Lin Fan finally got his life back, but he couldn’t offend the two young masters anymore.
“Bai Yi, please persuade Lin Fan.” Shen Yumei was also nervous, offending the two young masters, this is a dead end.
But Bai Yi held Lin Fan’s hand intimately, and said with a smile:
“No matter what he does, I will support him!”
Crazy crazy, the couple must be crazy!
Everyone shook their heads helplessly.
One blindly confident, one blindly trusting, do you really think that the two young masters are vegetarian?
By this time, Shirakawa suddenly burst into laughter:
“Lin Fan, you see it even Laozhang Ren and wife’s mother, do not believe you let this waste two young master kneel, you even dare to talk nonsense??”
And then , The smile at the corner of his mouth is a strong viciousness and viciousness:
“Now that I dare to insult the two young masters, you… are dead!” The voice just fell!
“Master Baihu, bring the Dragon and Tiger God of War!”
“Master Baichen, bring the Patriarch Zheng Honglian!” Here comes!
As soon as this remark came out, the audience boiled!
As for the father and son Shirakawa, their eyes suddenly brightened, and they laughed wildly :
“Lin Fan, your good day is over!” After saying that, the father and son hurriedly bowed to the door and shouted respectfully: “Baichuan (Bai Yifan), Meet the two young masters, the Patriarch, and the Dragon and Tiger God of War!”
Everyone present also knew the identity of the comer and bowed one after another!
“Lin Fan, bow quickly, no matter how the two young masters humiliate you, you are not allowed to resist. Only in this way can you get a small life back.”
Baishan reminded nervously, and he was so frightened that he fell to the ground at this time.
But Lin Fan still had an indifferent attitude. He looked at Baishan and smiled:
“Dad, don’t worry, I don’t need to bow to them, but they want to kneel for us!”
Hearing this, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely dumbfounded. In the eyes of the couple, Lin Fan was crazy.
Bai Shan was about to cry, his son-in-law was really crazy, he was already like this and he didn’t repent.
That’s it.
Bai Shan smiled bitterly and shook his head. Since Lin Fan didn’t want to bow his head, how could he not advance and retreat together as a family?
At this time, Bai Chen, Bai Hu and others walked quickly, but their expressions were extremely gloomy.
They asked the Shirakawa father and son to comfort the Baishan couple, but the idiot father and son humiliated them and wanted to take the entire Galaxy Tower as their own, which made them directly mad.
If Lin Fan thinks they meant it, then their Bai family…will definitely die!
They are angry!
Seeing the murderous expressions of Bai Chen and others, Shirakawa and Zheng Hao were almost crazy.
It can be seen that they hate Lin Fan deeply, this guy is dead!
Afterwards, Zheng Hao smiled gloomily:
“Lin Fan, your life-declaring creditor has come to your door, so don’t you think about your last words?”
Shirakawa also suddenly showed ecstasy, and quickly fanned the flames and said:
“Two Young master, Lin Fan said just now that he wanted you to kneel down and apologize. It’s almost a matter of life and death. You can’t spare him!”
“Second brother, you!” Bai Shan’s face was full of anger, and he didn’t think of himself. The second elder brother will fall into trouble!
However, Bai Hu and others directly regarded Baichuan as air and went straight to Lin Fan.
Then, under everyone’s horrified eyes!
Bai Hu and Bai Chen, kneel down together!
“Bai Family Baihu, please ask Mr. Lin!”
“Bai Family Baichen, please ask Mr. Lin!”

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