Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1148

These three war gods were the three who were defeated by the blood prison mad gods, but the blood prison mad gods did not kill them.
Therefore, the three war gods were grateful, and they became close friends with the blood prison mad gods. Now I heard that the blood prison mad gods came to Jiangnan Xingshi to inquire about sins, and they planned to come to their best friends to help out.
Of course, this is also because Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming contacted the three gods of war early in the morning just in case, and came to help!
Seeing the arrival of the three of them, the morale of the Huangfu family and the Sima family rose immediately.
The fear on that face was only a moment, and it turned into a deep disdain and pride, as if the winner was in hand.
“You guys, do you want to be more nostalgic?” When the dragon and tiger war god saw the three war gods, his expression was ugly to the extreme, and he looked like a big enemy.
After all, they are both the Gods of the Eight Great Wars of China, and they naturally know that the strength of these three people is not below them.
“Yes!” The Demon Slaughter War God sneered, and then looked condescendingly at the Dragon and Tiger War God:
“Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger, for the sake of colleagues, you go, we don’t want to kill you!”
“Two enemies and three, you should Knowing that you have no chance of winning, don’t insult yourself!” A hint of arrogance also appeared on Qing Lan’s face.
“Today, we are going to kill the counterfeit goods. If the Dragon and Tiger Gods want to stop, don’t blame our ruthless men!”
Hearing all the three Gods of War expressing their opinions, we must stand on our side and clean up Lin Fan together.
Huangfu’s family and Sima’s family were ecstatic, instantly full of confidence.
At the moment, Huangfuzheng’s face was full of fierce fierceness, and he even spoke to the Dragon and Tiger God of War:
“I said, this kid will die today. If you don’t want to die, get out as soon as possible!” The arrogance is extremely arrogant!
Do not put the Dragon Tiger God of War in the slightest!
Because behind him, there are now three great war gods standing, and their strength is enough to be completely equal to the dragon and tiger war gods and others.
If you really want to start, you must be evenly matched.
Upon seeing this, Huangfuxuan’s face also showed a smug look, and he burst into laughter wildly:
“Hahaha, Lin Fan, even the goddess of luck is standing by our side, today you are not dead!”
He thought they were dead ! , But he didn’t think that the road to heaven is unparalleled, his grandfather actually left such a big move!
The three war gods are on their side, and Lin Fan has no chance of winning!
“Lin Fan!”
Bai Yi grabbed Lin Fan’s hand suddenly, his face was already bitter.
Behind them, thick wry smiles appeared on the faces of Zheng Honglian and Ye Wuya.
Originally, the appearance of the Dragon Tiger and the God of War made them feel fortunate, thinking that they had been saved.
But I didn’t expect that Huangfuzheng and others were so despicable that they secretly contacted the Three Great War Gods to be there!
Now, with these three gods of war present, they are silent and have nowhere to escape, they can only wait for the blood prison mad god to come and kill!
Wait to die!
Thinking of this, they are miserable and desperate.
“Let the kid who dared to pretend to be the lord of the blood prison, get out!” The Demon Tu and the God of War roared, and the majestic power emerged from his body, violent like a peerless beast!
The Qinglan God of War was even more direct, and said with a strong murderous voice:
“Dare to pretend to be the king of the blood prison, and the sin is unforgivable! Give up your hands and feet and spare you a dog!”
Seeing the three Gods of war so angry, Bai Yi is here The faces of the people are ugly to the extreme.
The body trembled frantically because of anxiety!
“Hahaha, President Bai, your trash husband can no longer keep you! Today, you are destined to be my plaything!”
Huangfu Xuan grinned wildly, and then scolded:
“Come here, take Bai Yi’s clothes off for me , I am here today to stage a live erotica! ”
Upon hearing this, Bai Yi’s face turned pale!
There was a deep sense of panic and despair in his eyes!
“Dare you?”
Dragon, Tiger, God of War and other six people, completely furious, strode forward, and a murderous intent suddenly appeared in their eyes!
Lin Fan is the king of the blood prison, and his woman is the queen. He dares to insult the queen…the crime deserves death!
“Why don’t you dare?” The three war gods of China sneered together, and suddenly took a step forward!
The terrifying power of the Jiugu belonging to the Great Master is like a raging wave, sweeping across the entire venue!
Bai Yi and the others turned pale, and they only felt that every inch of their skin seemed to be torn apart!
Panic to the extreme!
“You go out and wait first.”
Seeing Bai Yi’s discomfort, Lin Fan said with a smile.
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan with a worried look: “But you…”
“Don’t worry.”
Lin Fan stroked Bai Yi’s cheek, his eyes flashed with coldness suddenly:
“I kill them like slaughtering a chicken and a dog! “

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