Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 116

Hearing this, both Bai Hai and others, or Bai Yi’s family, were all startled.
You know, this is five million, red cash banknotes, this huge amount is enough to make anyone’s heart fascinating.
But the ruthless person Daoye gave it all to Lin Fan without blinking his eyelids. This…how could it be possible.
This is more than that.
Master Dao took the letter of undertaking and handed it to Lin Fan respectfully:
“In addition, I hope Mr. Lin Fan will collect this letter of undertaking! It is a small compensation to your family!”
The surrounding Li Mingyi and Bai family cores were all shocked.
Only then did they truly confirm that it turned out that Master Dao wanted compensation from Bai Hai and promised that everything was for Lin Fan.
What is the relationship between this guy and Master Dao?
The heart of every member of the Bai family was full of shocking waves.
If you say that they thought that Lin Fan was just a waste home son-in-law, but now that Dao Dao treats Lin Fan’s respectful attitude, this is definitely not that simple.
For a while, almost every Bai family core secretly raised Lin Fan’s status.
“Mr. Lin, let’s not bother, let’s say goodbye!”
Dao said, nodding respectfully to Lin Fan , and then left with a group of bereaved people.
As soon as Master Dao left, almost everyone here let out a long sigh of relief.
The scene just now scared them all.
Just at this moment!
But when he saw Mike, a Western medicine madman, with his Western medicine team, hula la and walked to Lin Fan’s body, everyone actually bowed to Lin Fan.
This scene is extremely spectacular.
Especially the person who bowed first, but Madman Mike.
Li Mingyi and the Bai family’s core next to them were once again confused. They had never seen this Western medicine madman so respectful and polite to anyone, how could this be so.
Li Mingyi and others were all dumbfounded.
Then, they heard, Mike cautiously, but respectfully said:
“! Mr. Lin Fan, in order to express gratitude to your wife, Miss White Iraq, we decided in River City, the construction of a hospital ‘ ‘
by the We funded the construction, and we are also responsible for the operation and management, but the holders of the hospital will be you and your wife!”
Mike’s words, like a blockbuster bomb, made everyone’s head buzz.
Invest in a hospital?
Manage it yourself!
Especially in the end, the actual controller of this hospital was given to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
This…like a pie falling from the sky.
And everyone knows that although Western medicine Mike has an arrogant personality, his skills in Western medicine are extraordinary, as can be seen from his victory over twelve famous Chinese medicine experts.
And this kind of person is responsible for the operation and management of the hospital, so the hospital will definitely flourish, like a treasure house.
At this moment, both Li Mingyi and others, or Bai Hai and others, looked at Mike as if they were looking at a madman.
Even the Bai Yi family swallowed their saliva one by one, completely frightened.
Mike didn’t care about everyone’s shock at all. Seeing Lin Fan nodded and seemed to be extremely satisfied, he was immediately ecstatic:
“Mr. Lin, then we won’t bother, now we will make preparations for the construction of the hospital!”
After speaking, Mike and the others bowed again to Lin Fan, and then hulled away.

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