Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 121

at the same time!
The news of Grandpa Bai’s return to life overnight, as if it had grown wings, spread throughout Jiangcheng.
After all, yesterday, during the live TV broadcast, the western medicine madman Mike’s team failed the operation and almost announced that the old man would die within three days.
And now!
In just one night, a dying person was miraculously healed, and he could even get out of bed and walk, which was too shocking.
At the moment, the major news media in Jiang City have launched follow-up reports on this incident.
Especially, after learning that the person who cured the old man Bai turned out to be the magical doctor Lin!
The whole Jiang City completely exploded.
‘The great doctor Lin rejuvenated and saved another person! He is Yaoxian? Or a genius? ‘
‘At the glorious moment of Chinese medicine, the magical doctor Lin resurrected again! ‘
‘Mr. Lin-the backbone and pride of China! ‘

A piece of news appeared on all major TV stations and newspapers in Jiang City.
Almost every corner was talking about the legend of Lin Shenyi.
And in the Liyuan Garden.
Bai Yi’s family also learned the news. They were both ecstatic for the old man’s recovery and worshipped the mysterious Lin doctor.
However, a family originally happily wanted to visit the old man, but was rejected again!
“Oh…it must have happened yesterday. The old man knew about it! He must have thought that our family is fighting for property and suppressing the eldest brother and them!” Bai Shan sighed.
Their family has never thought of competing for the property of the Bai family.
But now, even if they broke their mouths, they were afraid that the old lady would not listen.
“Dad! Don’t think so much, grandpa is fine!”
Bai Yi’s pretty face flushed with excitement at this moment.
After all, her grandfather’s recovery from the illness made her completely relieved:
“The most important thing for us now is to quickly develop the Pill of Resurrection. Only in this way can we benefit thousands of people!”
After that, Bai Yi So he picked up his briefcase, said hello to his family, and went straight to work.
See this scene!
Nor by the White Mountain nodded:
“! White Iraq was right, the old man not want to see us, it being the first to see”
! “Our most important task is to develop a resurrection pills,”
he said!
Bai Shan took out his address book, then checked it, and was shocked:
“By the way, today is the fiftieth birthday of Li Zhenghui, the second in command of the Tianlong Group!”
Li Zhenghui!
This person is a tycoon in Tianlong Group, second only to Chairman Xu Tianlong. He controls the drug sales channels of all sizes in Jiang City. It can be said that he is also quite prestigious throughout Jiang City.
“Xiao Fan, you will accompany me to visit Li Zhenghui later, after all, we must go through the other party’s sales channel to develop the Pill of Resurrection in the future!”
Baishan said while looking at Lin Fan.
Just heard this!
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly.
Tianlong Group is just a fingernail-sized industry under Universal Group.
He, the BOSS of the Universal Group, is going to meet the second-in-chief of a small industry under his banner…
Lin Fan looked at Baishan’s expectant eyes, and finally twitched the corners of his mouth. He still didn’t have the heart to refuse:
Seeing Lin Fan’s agreement, Baishan became more excited:
“By the way, I heard that Li Zhenghui particularly likes to collect high-end calligraphy and paintings. Let me figure out where to buy it!” At the moment, Baishan began to contact the calligraphy and painting antique sellers.
When seeing this scene, Lin Fan smiled slightly.
Calligraphy and painting?
Had it not been for Baishan’s reminder, he would have forgotten it a long time ago. When he was abroad, he used the pseudonym’Blood’, and every calligraphy and painting work could sell for a high price.

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