Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1264

Just listen to this!
Shen Ling suddenly smiled contemptuously, and then said flatteringly:
“Wang Shao, this guy is a waste of soft food, of course not very good. Compared with you, he is a heaven and an underground.”
“Yes, yes, this waste, I am afraid that you are not qualified to carry shoes for Wang Shao!” Cuiping also looked at Lin Fan with extreme disdain:
“In my opinion, there are only people like Wang Shao you. Long and Feng are qualified to be worthy of our Bai Yi! ”
At this time, if you can’t see the peace of the Shen family anymore, then the Baiyi family has a brain problem.
There was a strong anger on their faces!
Sure enough, Lin Fan was right!
There is no good feast today!
In order to curry favor with Wang Mingzhe, the Shen family did not hesitate to let Bai Yi accompany him?
What do you think of Bai Yi?
Bai Yi also trembled with anger, and said with a gloomy face:
“Wang Shao, please be respectful! If you insult my husband again, then forgive me for not being with me!”
This scene!
Suddenly Wang Mingzhe was completely stunned!
According to his investigation, the Bai Yi family should treat Lin Fan very contemptuously.
But now, how can you take the initiative to protect?
“Bai Yi, what’s your attitude! Shao Wang looks at you, that’s your blessing, you don’t know what is good or bad?” Old man Shen suddenly showed anger in his eyes, and stared at Bai Yi coldly:
“Is it possible, you really Planning to live with this waste for a lifetime?”
The Shen family also stared at Bai Yi with contempt, and sneered : “I really don’t know good or bad. If I can win Young Master Wang’s favor, I am afraid that I can wake up with a smile when I dream, but she refuses. I’m really blind. eye! ” ”
Oh, but for the blind, would not fancy such a waste ah! followed him eat so bitter, suffered so much humiliation, surprising Tian Zhelian with him, it really is cheap! ”
and Heard this!
White Yi Qiao Lian, it is also completely darkened, coldly:
“Since Shen did not welcome us, then we say good-bye!”
She said!
He planned to take Lin Fan and the others and leave Shen’s house.
See here!
Wang Mingzhe was completely stunned. He realized at this time that he had underestimated the weight of Lin Fan, a trash, in Bai Yi’s heart.
Next moment!
Wang Mingzhe hurriedly stepped forward and stopped Bai Yi and the others, and then bowed to Bai Yi:
“Miss Bai Yi, I offended just now. I apologize to you!”
“I hope you can forgive me!” !”
Everyone actually saw that the eldest young master of Wang’s family in the capital, bowing to Bai Yi?
They, this is not dreaming!
For an instant, the entire Shen family was suddenly dead!
Although they already know that Wang Mingzhe is interesting to Bai Yi, they don’t have to bow and apologize like this, right?
The old man Shen was anxious to scold Bai Yi angrily:
“Bai Yi, what status is Young Master Wang? That is a high-ranking official, he has already apologized, do you still know what is good or bad?”
“If this is the case, don’t blame my Shen family, you are not polite to you!”
There was a strong threat in the words!
What everyone didn’t notice was that when Wang Mingzhe lowered his head, there was a touch of resentment in the depths of his eyes!
Dare to pretend to be high in front of Lao Tzu?
When I put you in bed, it’s better to have you!
At this time, Bai Yi reluctantly chose to agree under the coercion of everyone:
“I, forgive you!”
Wang Mingzhe pretended to be excited and said:
“Thank you Miss Bai Yi By the way, I happen to have some tickets for the Golden Summit International Jewelry Exhibition here. Can you please come along with me for the honor? ”
Golden top?
All the Shen family were completely confused, it was a sensational international jewelry exhibition!
It is said that the lowest-priced jewellery there starts at ten million!
Non-top rich people can’t have fun!
Moreover, there is a VIP system, and no one is qualified to go, it depends on the identity.
Because the golden roof rests on the back, but the prestigious auction house of Blood Tubing!
And Wang Mingzhe, can actually get the ticket?
This is simply incredible!
Bai Yi felt disgusted with Wang Mingzhe because the other party insulted Lin Fan, and now he wanted to refuse.
Just now!
A funny voice, but at this moment, it sounded abruptly!
“Go, of course! It’s for nothing, why not?”

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