Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 131

At this moment, everyone in the entire banquet hall was extremely excited.
After all, it is the international tycoon who videoed with them.
Moreover, he is the curator of the collection who knows Master Blood!
This alone is enough for them to brag for a long, long time.
ZQ curator quickly excited and said:
“Sir Robert, our first piece of work, Mr. Blood’s treasures – the Eiffel Tower through my identification, is genuine, but also need to identify Mr. Roberts doubled again!!”
Call !
When I heard about the works I had brought, Lin Guangyao next to him was suddenly more excited.
He had never thought of it in his entire life.
One day, I bring something that can be tasted by the curator of the Global Collection. This is definitely an honor.
Not only him!
Even Li Zhenghui patted Lin Guangyao on the shoulder excitedly, his face full of tension and excitement.
However, following Robert’s words, the smiles on their faces became stiff!
“Actually, the identification of the Eiffel Tower is not difficult!”
“First, pay attention to the size and value of the spire. When Master Blood created this work, it was perfectly restored with an incredible accuracy ratio. Eiffel Tower! ”
Hearing this, both Curator Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao and others were all dumbfounded.
Ten thousand ratio!
Perfect restoration!
Familiar with!
These words are naturally familiar to them, because just a while ago, someone said that it was…Lin Fan!
At this moment, Lin Guangyao only felt that his heart was about to pop out.
He couldn’t imagine that what the international tycoon said was exactly the same as Lin Fan’s first identification point!
More than him!
At this moment, the air suddenly became quiet.
Whether it was Curator Zhu Qing, or the surrounding Li Zhenghui and others, each one was short of breath and couldn’t believe their ears.
“Percentage of ten thousand! This…is this true?”
Curator Zhu Qing was stunned.
Originally, he thought that the so-called ten thousand ratio was just an excessive myth of Master Blood.
But I can’t even dream of it. There are people who are so perverted and can be restored perfectly!
This is simply incredible!
Seems to see Zhu Qing’s shock.
In the video, Robert couldn’t help but smiled bitterly and said:
“Is it feeling, very incredible?”
“To be honest, when Mr. Blood created this work, we were equally unbelievable, and finally invited the Guinness World Records Appraisal Center. It took a full month before the actual measurement comparison was completed!”
When this remark came out, it was even more shocking.
This means that this Eiffel Tower has broken the Guinness World Record, and both its artistic attainments and collection value have reached an unimaginable level.
Many big beads of sweat flowed down from the curator Zhu Qing’s forehead.
He has gradually begun to feel bad.
At the moment, I couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Fan behind the crowd, and the bad feeling in my heart became stronger.
“Mr. Robert, what is the exact value of the Eiffel Tower spire you mentioned after restoration?” The value?
Zhu Qing remembers clearly, Lin Fan said, the value is 13.78!
Ask while!
Zhu Qing had already taken out the measuring ruler and started to measure the position of the spire of Lin Guangyao’s’Eiffel Tower’.
And the number he measured was… 12.31!
At this moment, Zhu Qing’s nervous palm was all sweat, as if this value determined his success or failure.
And just when he was almost suffocating!
Robert in the video spoke:

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