Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 133

How could this be?
Robert could hardly believe his eyes at this moment.
“This ink, lines, textures, style…” You know, he is one of the most loyal fans of Blood, and he knows every detail of that person’s painting.
And now, in his eyes.
The painting in front of me was obviously painted by someone just now, but every detail is definitely a treasure.
It’s not just Robert who is dumbfounded.
Before the video, Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao, Li Zhenghui and others were also dumbfounded.
Because they saw it with their own eyes, the look on Robert, an international tycoon, changed from anger to consternation, from consternation to shock and disbelief.
Seeing this lone fisherman in Robert’s eyes was like seeing a ghost.
what happened?
Everyone has thick questions in their hearts. They don’t understand why this international tycoon looks so fickle.
“Mr. Robert, have your appraisal results come out?” Zhu Qing’s heart, the ominous premonition, grew stronger.
And hear this!
Robert seemed to have just woke up from the painting. He closed his eyes, thought deeply, and then said with a complicated face:
“Mr. Zhu, gentlemen, I can explain to everyone here!”
“Our Global Collection The lone fisherman in the museum is genuine! ”
As soon as these words came out, Zhu Qing and others were taken aback.
The paintings in the Global Collection are genuine. What does Robert mean is that this painting is a fake?
For a moment!
Whether it was Curator Zhu Qing or Lin Guangyao and others, they all breathed a sigh of relief.
For some reason, they were afraid that this painting was genuine. In that case, the blow to them would be too great.
Just when a relieved smile appeared on the faces of Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao and others.
Robert’s next sentence made their smiles freeze suddenly!
“But this painting is also…authentic!”
As this sentence resounded, the atmosphere in the entire banquet hall instantly solidified.
This is also genuine?
How could it be possible that two pictures are all genuine?
What’s more, this one was clearly created not long after someone had just created it. If it is true, doesn’t it mean that Master Blood is in Jiangcheng?
how can that be!
In the banquet hall, there were voices of cold breath.
No one can react from this shock.
In the video, Robert said excitedly:
“Mr. Zhu, please let me see, the owner of this painting!”
When Zhu Qing heard this, he suddenly reacted:
“Okay!” With that, he quickly took the video to Baishan, and said with a complicated face:
“Mr. Bai, Mr. Robert wants to talk to you!”
Zhu Qing said. Even if there were a hundred unwillingness in my heart for a moment, when I called Baishan, I couldn’t help adding a “you”!
after all!
Baishan’s paintings are true!
This means that Baishan has a masterpiece of inestimable value. What’s more, this painting is obviously just created, which means that Baishan is likely to know Master Blood.
How dare he disrespect and be polite to this kind of existence.
“Luo…Mr. Robert…” At this moment, Bai Shan was still in a daze.
He couldn’t even imagine that the privately held paintings taken out by his son-in-law would be the real work of Master Blood.
This is simply incredible.
But this is more than that.
After seeing Baishan, all the indifference and arrogance on Robert’s face disappeared instantly, replaced by a strong enthusiasm, and said with a smile on his face:
“Hello, Mr. Bai, I offer you the most sincere greetings! ”
Just an opening statement shocked Zhu Qing and others around.
Robert, such an international tycoon, has such a respectful status, and now he is so polite to Baishan.
“Mr. Robert, you…you are polite!”
Bai Shan was also taken aback by Robert’s enthusiasm, waved his hand quickly, and replied in panic.
And see this scene!
Robert smiled slightly, and then asked carefully:
“Mr. Bai, I would take the liberty to ask, where did you get this lone fisherman?”

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