Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 136

“Mr. Li, you…” Bai Shan’s complexion was ugly.
He also did not expect that Li Zhenghui would make such a move.
Li Zhenghui frowned, and a threatening look appeared in his eyes:
“Why? President Bai won’t give me Li’s face?”
“You know, your Bai Group’s sales channels are in my hands. , As long as I say a word, you can cut off all your sales channels, and even make 80% of the entire Jiangshi group an enemy to you!”
“Could it be that President Bai doesn’t think about the life and death of your group?”
Hearing this, Baishan trembled with anger.
Knowing that this lone fisherman was a treasure of Master Blood, he naturally reluctant to give it up, but Li Zhenghui was right. If the other party made trouble, then the sales channels of their Bai Group would be cut clean.
At that time, even if you develop a Pill of Resurrection, don’t even want to sell one!
Even the entire Bai Group will be finished.
“What…what to do…”
Beads of sweat flowed down from Baishan’s forehead.
Just at this moment!
He just felt, a warm palm, patted his shoulder.
But it was… Lin Fan.
“Xiao Fan…” Bai Shan was startled, and saw Lin Fan taking the lead in blocking him.
“Mr. Li! Li Zhenghui!”
Lin Fan’s voice was cold, with sarcasm in the corners of his mouth!
Looking at Li Zhenghui, it was like watching a joke.
“What kind of thing are you, you dare to call my name directly! Don’t think it’s great to know Robert! I tell you, this is Jiangshi, not the United States!” Li Zhenghui’s eyes were sharp.
He always looked down on Lin Fan.
Even if the other party knows Robert, so what!
The door-to-door son-in-law is still only the door-to-door son-in-law, nothing more.
“What a majesty, what a big air!” Lin Fan was amused by Li Zhenghui’s idiot.
He took a deep look at Li Zhenghui:
“Unfortunately, I gave you the opportunity to go to heaven, but you want to go to the earth! Then, starting today, you will be fulfilled!”
Lin Fan’s words not only made Li Zhenghui stunned, even Lin Guangyao and others next to him were all stunned.
This door-to-door son-in-law is threatening the second in command of the Tianlong Group-Li Zhenghui?
In everyone’s eyes, Lin Fan was absolutely mad.
It’s more than that!
Lin Fan stared at Li Zhenghui, as if looking at a small reptile, his eyes were so dark but gloomy:
“Today, you will be removed from the Tianlong Group! If you are not removed today, then within three days, the Tianlong Group will be removed!”
Following Lin Fan’s words, the entire surrounding banquet hall completely exploded.
If Lin Fan threatened Li Zhenghui before, then his words are threatening the Tianlong Group!
Wocao, this is so crazy!
Is that Tianlong Group, a giant enterprise in Jiangshi?
This little son-in-law threatened to expel the Tianlong Group. This is not an idiot, but what it is.
Suddenly, the whole banquet hall burst into laughter.
Every laughter was filled with ridicule and mockery of Lin Fan.
It seemed to them that Lin Fan was a joke.
Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s ridicule and sarcasm. He pulled Baishan, without looking back, and left!
“Hahaha…Did you hear that? Just now, the little son-in-law threatened President Li and threatened Tianlong Group!”
“Ma’s! They laughed to death, their Bai Group is only second-rate! What’s more, this guy is just white An asshole of the Clan’s group is simply overpowering!”
The ridicule and laughter of the crowd were extremely harsh!
Just in the crowd!
Zhu Qing’s eyelids were jumping wildly.
That’s it!
Although he could not really determine the identity of Lin Fan, he had an inexplicable hunch that something would happen to Li Zhenghui and the Li family would be finished.
“Hahaha…uncle! Have you seen it? This is Lin Fan, who dares to threaten your old man without knowing his life and death!” At this moment, Lin Guangyao walked up to Li Zhenghui with a sneer.
He couldn’t wait, waiting for Li Zhenghui’s revenge on Lin Fan and the Bai Group!
Heard this!
Li Zhenghui sneered:
” Huh ! What!”
“Don’t worry, when I return to the group, I will immediately start to deal with the Bai family! I don’t believe it, a little son-in-law can turn back! Look, sooner or later, one day , He Lin Fan is going to kneel and send me the painting back!”
Li Zhenghui smiled sinisterly and hideously.
However, his words just fell!
Jingle Bell!
A cell phone bell rang harshly from his pocket.

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