Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 137

Ding Ding Ding!
The ringing of this telephone was unusually abrupt, and everyone was taken aback.
Right now, Li Zhenghui took a look at his mobile phone and couldn’t help but smiled:
“It’s our chairman!”
Hearing these three words, everyone around was refreshed.
They naturally know that the chairman of the Tianlong Group is the famous Xu Tianlong, one of the top leaders in Jiangshi.
At this moment, everyone hardly needs to think about it. Xu Tianlong called naturally to congratulate Li Zhenghui on his 50th birthday.
Right now, Li Zhenghui took a deep breath, then picked up the phone, and immediately heard Xu Tianlong’s cordial and gentle voice:
“Hahaha…Zhenghui, congratulations!”
Hearing this enthusiastic voice, Li Zhenghui couldn’t help but smile.
Xu Tianlong is so famous that even his second in command, in front of Xu Tianlong, has always been trembling and cautious.
And Xu Tianlong’s such kind and gentle talk with him was definitely the first time he had made a breakthrough.
“Mr. Xu, you are too polite. Isn’t it just a birthday? You even surprised you to call in person. I was really flattered!”
At this moment, Li Zhenghui’s expression of excitement turned red.
Xu Tianlong on the phone said profoundly:
“Zhenghui, I want to congratulate you, it’s not your birthday!”
Li Zhenghui was slightly taken aback.
Today is his fiftieth birthday. Didn’t Xu Tianlong congratulate him on his birthday, what else could he congratulate himself?
“Mr Xu, I don’t understand what you are saying?” Li Zhenghui asked in confusion.
And Xu Tianlong’s voice on the phone became more complicated and meaningful:
“Zhenghui, isn’t there a mysterious special guest on your birthday today? That special guest will give you a promotion and a salary increase. It even makes you soar into the sky!”
Xu Tianlong’s voice was full of envy.
After all, that mysterious guest, Xu Tianlong was not even qualified to meet him.
But the other party attended Li Zhenghui’s birthday banquet, which is definitely the blessing that Li Zhenghui has cultivated for eight lifetimes.
Mysterious and special guest?
Let yourself soar into the sky?
When Li Zhenghui heard this, he was even more confused.
If they are special, they are naturally there, they are Lin Fan and Baishan.
Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui thought Xu Tianlong was joking with himself, so he couldn’t help but said with a smile:
“Mr. Xu, don’t be joking! There are special people today, but two very idiotic guys came here!”
“These two people , It was purely to make trouble, and was just driven away by me! ”
Xu Tianlong on the phone was silent for a while, and then his voice trembling slightly said:
“What’s the matter?”
Li Zhenghui did not notice Xu Tianlong’s voice at all, something was wrong.
Instead, arrogant face, said:
“Xu, you do not know, just Pak Group of White Mountain and his son to the waste as a result, the waste of his son turned out to be overreaching, dare threaten me!”
“Not just me, He even threatened our Tianlong Group! What are you talking about? Today, I, Li Zhenghui, will be over. In three days, Tianlong Group will be over. You said it was ridiculous? Hahaha…”
“This guy, he is obviously a son-in-law, but his tone is louder than athlete’s foot!”
When Li Zhenghui finished saying this, the voice on the phone completely disappeared.
Everything became deadly silent.
“Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu!” Li Zhenghui’s heart twitched.
He faintly felt something was wrong.
Not only that!
Li Zhenghui heard a violent gasp from the phone, as if Xu Tianlong on the other side of the phone was suppressing his anger.

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