Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1403

When Lin Fan said these words, everyone was no longer shocked!
Instead, a touch of ridicule appeared on his face one after another.
They have become numb to Lin Fan’s arrogance, just treating it as a joke!
not enough?
The big and young of the big giants in the capital united together, plus a Lin family’s second grandmother, can’t deal with waste like you?
Absolutely ridiculous!
“Lin Fan, haven’t seen you for many years, you really opened my eyes!”
Mu Lingshan stared at Lin Fan playfully, as if looking at a dead person:
“Okay! If you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!”
Just when Mu Lingshan was about to take action on Lin Fan, Lin Fan’s cell phone rang abruptly.
Immediately afterwards, Lin Fan directly ignored the murderous Mu Lingshan and connected the phone.
Seeing everyone here, I was dumbfounded!
People Mu Lingshan intends to kill you, but you ignore the other party’s self-conscious call?
This is so disrespectful, right?
Do you want to pretend when you die?
Everyone immediately shook their heads, they were really convinced!
In Mu Lingshan’s eyes, the cold light suddenly splashed, and he was completely irritated.
A strong murderous intent appeared in his eyes:
“Good Lin Fan, quickly confess his last words, and then you can go to death!”
Only, the next scene!
But it made everyone present stunned!
I saw Lin Fan calmly stretched out his hand and handed the phone to Mu Lingshan:
“Someone is looking for you?”
Just listen to this!
Everyone was stunned!
Someone called Mu Lingshan, but called Lin Fan?
Is this guy’s brain soaking up? Can’t even lie?
And Mu Lingshan was taken aback, and then he burst into laughter, seeing through Lin Fan’s appearance:
“Lin Fan, don’t pretend to be! At this time, even if you want to delay time, it’s useless, your ending is already It’s doomed, that’s death!”
For Mu Lingshan to dare to insult the King of Blood Prison, this is an unforgivable capital crime!
“Are you sure not to pick it up? This is your only chance!”
“The only chance to live!”
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth raised a gloomy arc!
But for some reason, Mu Lingshan suddenly felt an astonishing murderous aura at this moment.
He has been in the blood prison for so long, has experienced countless blood battles, and has far more murderous perceptions than ordinary people.
And at this time, his heart suddenly felt uneasy!
Is it possible that this phone really came to him?
Immediately afterwards, he took the phone suspiciously and asked tentatively:
“I am Mu Lingshan, who can I look for?”
Wang Yun laughed loudly and sneered:
“Lin Fan, you are dying and still struggling to death. Someone is looking for Mu Lingshan through you? You can tell this kind of lies?”
“With Mu Lingshan’s current status, The people around him can be known by your kind of trash?”
Everyone felt this way too, and the look in Lin Fan’s eyes became even more disgusted.
In their opinion, Lin Fan was deliberately delaying time!
At this moment, a terrifying scene happened!
They only saw Mu Lingshan completely shut his mouth after speaking the first sentence.
Then the arrogant expression was completely frozen!
The whole face was instantly grayed out, as if he had seen a ghost, panicking!
It’s more than that!
Everyone even saw that in less than a minute, beads of sweat were already on his forehead, and his legs trembled like dysplasia.
Everyone was completely stunned!
How is this going?
Right now, Wang Yun also realized that something was wrong, and immediately asked:
“Lao Mu, what’s wrong with you?”
Mu Lingshan suddenly sat on the ground, and Lin Fan’s mobile phone flew away. A deep bitterness appeared on his face, and Liushen shook his head indifferently:
“Impossible! This is impossible!”
“I must be. Dreaming!”

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