Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1413

And because this century wedding was too grand, not only Jiangshi, but the entire China was a complete sensation.
For a time!
People from all walks of life across the country are flocking to Jiangshi frantically, wanting to congratulate Lin Zuo on their new marriage.
De Longjiu had to give orders to directly seal the city, and at the same time blocked all news, preventing unrelated people from entering Jiang City!
And this time!
Bai Yi’s home!
“Do you plan to hold another wedding?”
Shen Yumei said in surprise, already laughing from ear to ear.
Because she knew that since Lin Fan had planned to hold another wedding for Bai Yi, he would not leave again.
Lin Fan smiled and said:
“Yes, since I entered the door, I haven’t had a decent wedding for Bai Yi! I just took advantage of this opportunity to do it again!”
It was because he wanted to tell Bai Yi his identity last time, but because of the troubles by Zhao Yanzhi and others, his plan was shattered.
That’s why he decided to hold this wedding and let the world know that Bai Yi is the woman in his forest seat!
“Okay, well, I agree too!”
Shen Yumei’s eyes were full of joy, and she looked at Lin Fan dozingly:
“You can do whatever you want at that time, and both parents support it. We didn’t hold a wedding for you two before, and we both felt very guilty. . the ”
and this time, Hakusan some apprehension, said:
” that, Xiaofan ah, your grandfather has begged me several times, I hope you can forgive them, you see … ”
Then, she looked at carefully Lin Fan seemed to be afraid that Lin Fan would be angry.
Lin Fan frowned. He didn’t expect the Bai family to be so shameless. Knowing that he and Bai Yi couldn’t forgive them, he found Baishan and asked Baishan to intercede.
And seeing Lin Fan frown, Bai Shan’s expression changed suddenly, and he quickly changed his words : “If you don’t like it, it’s okay, I’ll just talk casually…hehe!”
Lin Fan sighed and said:
“Later, I will I will invite them to join Bai Yi’s wedding.” I also know that Bai’s family is Baishan’s home after all. Grandpa Bai is his biological father, not just giving up.
Hear the words!
Bai Shan’s eyes flushed immediately, and he tightly grasped Lin Fan’s hand:
“Xiao Fan , don’t say anything! It’s Dad who can’t help you, and made you wronged!” The Bai family repeatedly humiliated Lin Fan, even several times. Want to kill him all the time.
But Lin Fan chose to forgive the Bai family for his sake, which made Bai Shan both moved and guilty.
And Lin Fan just smiled:
“The okay dad is all a family, don’t talk about two things!”
…The next day, Lin Fan was going to arrange everything, but he was leaving. When I was in the hotel, I saw a familiar figure.
“Lin Fan?”
That was a middle-aged man. After seeing Lin Fan, he was taken aback.
Then a touch of horror suddenly appeared on his face!
“Uncle Li?”
Lin Fan couldn’t help but was stunned, couldn’t believe that he would meet each other here.
This middle-aged man was named Li Xiuyun. Because Lin Fan’s master was kind to him, when Lin Fan followed his master’s practice, Lin Fan lived in Li Xiuyun’s house for three years.
after that!
Lin Fan went abroad and started fighting, and slowly became the dark emperor.
“You kid, I haven’t heard from you for several years since I went abroad. Where have I died? Are you still uncle Li in my eyes?” Li Xiuyun looked very angry. The resilience of ordinary people is bound to become a great weapon in the future.
Therefore, I did everything I could to Lin Fan. It could be said that he treated him as his own son, and even planned to match Lin Fan with his daughter.
“You have no conscience, because I loved you so much back then, leaving you with a good bite, and you didn’t even come back to find me?” Li Xiuyun became more and more angry, looking like an abandoned woman.
Lin Fan knew that he was wrong, so he didn’t dare to speak up, and his face was full of embarrassment.
“What are you doing here? You also want to attend Lin Zuo’s wedding?”
Seeing Lin Fan’s guilty conscience, Li Xiuyun snorted, but did not continue to be embarrassed, but changed the subject.
Lin Fan couldn’t help but stunned, and said in astonishment:
“Uncle Li, so are you?”

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