Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1420

Just listen to this!
The audience is completely boiling!
Li Xian pounced directly on Zhou Peize, holding his face and kissing him fiercely:
“My dear, you are amazing! I am so happy to be able to marry you!”
“Oh my God! Lao Li, your son-in-law asked the White Tiger to have a banquet in person. Isn’t this too awesome? The provincial leaders don’t have such honors!”
“Sure enough, being a son-in-law in your family is not a person waiting for leisure!”
At this time, everyone kept fawning too well, and their flattering faces were extremely flattering.
Not just them!
Even Li Xiuyun was surprised at this moment, with a touch of horror in his eyes.
This kid is so capable?
He thought that Zhou Peize was a dude, but because his family was better, his tail was up to the sky.
But I never thought that he was so capable that he could let Lin Zuo order his own guards to invite him. Did he really underestimate him?
It’s more than that!
Hearing that Bai Huzhan would look for himself in the future, Zhou Peize almost had his tail up to the sky.
Right now, he looked at Lin Fan with contempt, and said sarcastically:
“Are you trash?”
On the side, Wang Yanli also said:
“Lin Fan, or you just go first, don’t accidentally offend the White Tiger warlord, that’s not good. That kind of existence is not something we think ordinary people can offend.”
As soon as these words were said, everyone’s eyes were all looking at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a clown, which was ridiculous.
However, Lin Fan looked calm, and while looking at Zhou Peize, he showed a meaningful smile:
“Are you sure White Tiger general is here to find you?”
Everyone was stunned. What does this guy mean?
Apart from Zhou Peize, who else here is qualified to let White Tiger generals visit?
“Xiao Fan, forget it! You go first!”
Li Xiuyun also frowned and said that he underestimated Zhou Peize’s ability. If he hated Lin Fan, then Lin Fan’s life would be miserable for the rest of his life.
At the moment, he could only encourage Lin Fan to leave first.
When Zhou Peize heard Lin Fan’s words, he immediately smiled and said triumphantly:
“I didn’t come to see me, is it possible that I came to you?”
In his opinion, the White Tiger general is here to invite him!
There can be no accidents!
Everyone looked at Lin Fan contemptuously, looking for this rubbish? How can it be?
Just like Lin Fan’s prosperous, he doesn’t even have a job. What qualifications does this kind of useless man have for Lin Zuo to invite himself?
Unless Lin Zuo is blind!
However, everyone seemed to have heard everyone’s sneer, and said with a smile, not a smile:
“What if, are you really looking for me?”
The moment everyone heard this, everyone was taken aback.
Immediately afterwards, burst into laughter wildly!
“Did you hear that? The trash said that the White Tiger Battle will come to him?”
“Lin Fan, can you ask for a face? You don’t take a piss to show your own virtues. General Baihu will invite you to such a scumbag?”
Li Xian’s eyes were full of disgust, and she was completely disgusted.
The other people also looked contemptuous, and their faces became gloomy.
“How can you run the train with your mouth full of young children? Do you treat us like idiots by talking nonsense?”
“You can’t want such an unreliable man! Fortunately, Li Xian didn’t choose him. Lao Li was so blind that he would treat this kid as his own son!”
All these sharp sarcasm made Li Xiuyun’s face flushed, and at this time he couldn’t wait to find a hole in the ground.
What a shame!
He didn’t even think that Lin Fan would say such unrealistic things.
And just now!
Da da da…
A steady footstep sounded from outside the door.
Then, a burly man walked in, striding in!
On his body, there is a majesty unique to the superior!
“White Tiger General!”
Seeing the other party, Zhou Peize instantly raised his eyebrows, with a hint of flattery on his face, and greeted him with a quick walk.
And, proactively stretched out his hand!
Bai Hu frowned and said with disgust:
“who are you?”
At this moment, the atmosphere is completely frozen!

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