Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 145

At this moment, Yang Jinshui sank to the ground.
His eyes dullly looked at the scene in front of him, and the shock couldn’t be added.
That’s Xu Tianlong and others!
Any one that is taken out is a super existence in Jiang City.
And now, there are dozens of big bosses, not counting the appearance of Qi Qi, they actually bowed to Baishan and Lin Fan together, calling them’BOSS’ feverishly!
This is so… how is it possible!
Many big beads of sweat continued to fall from Yang Jinshui’s forehead, and he had a foreboding in his heart that he seemed to have caused a catastrophe.
And at the moment!
Bai Shan was also dumbfounded, because Xu Tianlong and the others were actually bowing in their own direction, what a…how could it be!
“Dad! What did they call you?” Lin Fan smiled slightly, and said to Baishan with a playful look.
This sentence caused Baishan Ji Lingling to wake up, and he quickly panicked and said to Xu Tianlong and the others:
“Xu…Xu Dong, what are you doing? I, I, Baishan can’t afford it. Don’t do this!”
Bai Shan was in a hurry, his face panicked.
And Xu Tianlong and others, after hearing Lin Fan’s words, instantly understood what the other party meant.
Lin Fan didn’t want to reveal his identity.
“President Bai, this is the case. We came this time because we heard that at Li Zhenghui’s birthday banquet, he actually spoke harshly to your old man, so I, Xu Tianlong, deliberately brought all the Tianlong directors to come here to make amends!”
Xu Tianlong’s attitude is respectful and humble.
And this sentence made Baishan even more bewildered.
It turns out that they really came for themselves?
But, how can oneself, how can he alarm a big man like Xu Tianlong?
Not only that!
Xu Tianlong actually called himself “old man”, what is so…
he is not as old as Xu Tianlong, how can he afford the respectful name of the other party.
And at the moment!
Xu Tianlong’s face turned straight, and then he said solemnly:
“Because Li Zhenghui spoke harshly to your old man, Mr. Bai, my Tianlong Group has held a press conference to remove Li Zhenghui from the group!”
“Other than that, he is learning about it. After your identity as an old man, you have been completely frightened, and you have just been sent to a mental hospital!”
Xu Tianlong’s words not only shocked Baishan, even Yang Jinshui next to him was almost shocked.
Li Zhenghui!
The second in command of the Tianlong Group, the super boss of Megatron Jiang City.
This kind of character was expelled from the group because of his rude words to Baishan, and even scared and sent to a mental hospital.
No… impossible!
Yang Jinshui’s complexion was as pale as paper, his body sitting on the ground was trembling, and his scalp was even more numb.
What kind of horrible existence did he provoked.
However, the shock has just begun.
Yang Jinshui was stunned to see that Xu Tianlong and the dozens of bigwigs behind him, at this moment, looked at Lin Fan’s direction deeply, and then all bowed again:
“I When you take the liberty to come, I beg BOSS, don’t close Tianlong Group!”
“Please BOSS give me Xu Tianlong and all the directors a chance. We guarantee that there will never be another person in Tianlong Group who has no eyes and will run into you!”
The scene where dozens of big men bowed deeply for the second time, Xu Tianlong’s panicked voice, like a bomb, made Yang Jinshui and Baishan all dumbfounded.
If it were the first time he heard this name, Yang Jinshui could still think it was an illusion, but now, he can be sure that Baishan or Lin Fan is definitely the big boss behind the Tianlong Group!

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