Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 152

When the bodyguard’s body hit the floor hard, everyone around felt that the entire 15th floor was shaking.
Kaka Kaka…
On the floor, there were cobweb-like cracks.
The strong body of the bodyguard smashed a hole in the ground.
a mouthful of scarlet blood, constantly spilling out of this bodyguard’s mouth.
He only felt that his internal organs were almost shattered when they were hit.
He wanted to scream, but all that came out of his mouth was blood and there was no sound at all.
At this moment, the entire fifteenth floor was completely quiet.
The other three bodyguards originally wanted to stop Lin Fan, but when they saw the fate of their companions!
All of them were exhausted, and they all fell to the ground, their complexions pale.
“Ok… so terrifying…”
The bodyguard headed only felt his scalp numb.
He couldn’t give birth to a trace at this moment, blocking Lin Fan’s courage.
More than them!
Yang Tianrui, as well as all the backbones of the Bai Group, were dumbfounded at this moment.
They simply couldn’t imagine how terrifying power Lin Fan’s wave and smash contained to spit up a powerful bodyguard, causing the floor to burst.
Lin Fan didn’t care about the shock of everyone around him.
His eyes were fixed on the office, and he walked step by step.
Like a demon, came to wreak havoc on the world.

At the same time!
The fighting outside also spread to the office.
“Hahaha… Bai Yi, did you hear that? My bodyguard has already started to do it. Don’t even think that one of you in the Bai group can rush in!”
A young man stared at the corner with a wicked smile at the moment. Bai Yi.
Bai Yi held a pen in his hand at this moment, guarding carefully.
She never thought of it.
Yang Minghao, the young master of the Shengshi Group, would be so courageous, using the opportunity of negotiation and cooperation, to plot against himself.
Fortunately, Bai Yi was quick-witted and grabbed a pen early and held it in his hand.
This made Yang Minghao throw a rat avoidance device, unable to succeed.
“Hey… Bai Yi, I heard that your husband is a trash, why don’t you just get divorced! Isn’t it better to marry me Yang Minghao and become the young grandmother of Shengshi Group?”
Yang Minghao’s mouth was full of evil and hot smile.
Bai Yi is definitely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
Whether it is temperament or appearance, it makes him fall in love at first sight.
He spent a full month without catching up.
But today, whatever he said, he would give this Jiang City’s first beauty to the Fa-rectification on the spot.
“Yang Minghao, you are the trash! Your whole family is trash!”
“My husband, Lin Fan, is not comparable to your trash master, you…not worthy!”
Bai Yi held the pen and angrily scolded.
And this sentence caused the jealousy in Yang Minghao’s heart to rise instantly:
“You dare to say that I am not as good as a trash!”
“Good! Today, I will let you taste the power of this young master!”
Yang Minghao took advantage of Bai Yi’s carelessness, and suddenly kicked the sole of his foot and threw it out!
In an instant, he kicked Bai Yi’s wrist fiercely!
The pen lost its strength and fell to the ground.
At this moment, Bai Yi’s pretty face was instantly pale.
That’s it!
Without the pen, how could she be this Yang Minghao’s opponent? Waiting for her to end will be… miserable!
“Bai Yi, you are mine now! There is only you and me, I am going to fuck you now!” Yang Minghao was ecstatic!
At the moment, while talking evilly, while looking like a hungry ghost, he rushed towards Bai Yi!
Just at this moment!
There was a roar, and Yang Minghao and Bai Yi were dumbfounded, the door of the office, as if bearing the power of boundless terror, burst open!

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