Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1542

Now that Liu Feifan is in charge, Lin Tianxun is so confident that he doesn’t even put Lin Fan in his eyes.
“Young Master, save me! Save me!”
** screamed on the spot, his eyes were full of fear.
Seeing this, Lin Tianxun was completely stunned, because he found that Lin Fan had actually pinched the neck of the **** with one hand.
And the ** didn’t dare to resist?
how can that be!
What’s so scary about this waste?
But at this moment, Lin Fan smiled cruelly, and suddenly blasted out with a punch, and his vigorous strength rushed directly to the back of the female.
The skin is open and the flesh is broken, the bones are broken!
**He didn’t even hum and was punched to death by Lin Fan.
“Your garbage, give it back to you!”
Lin Fan snorted and kicked the corpse at Lin Tianxun’s feet.
Looking at the corpse at his feet, Lin Tianxun only felt that his brain was about to explode, and his entire worldview would be completely subverted.
Lin Fan’s trash was beaten to death with one punch. Isn’t he dreaming?
How can this waste have such capabilities?
He even wondered if he was dreaming!
However, there is more to it!
Lin Fan strode forward and said proudly at the same time:
“Aren’t you looking for Master Lin? I am Master Lin!”
The moment Lin Fan’s words fell, there was a dead silence in the audience!
Everyone was dumbfounded, feeling whether they had auditory hallucinations.
That Master Lin, who was born out of the sky and astounded the world, turned out to be Lin Fan himself?
In addition to shock at this moment, all the Lin family members were more horrified and unbelievable.
Especially Lin Tianxun!
At this time, his expression changed wildly, and he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.
Lin Fan is Master Lin, is this really true?
at last!
He understood why his two brothers would die in Jiangshi, all because of Lin Fan!
In an instant, his face turned pale, and his heart began to feel uneasy. The message that Lin Fan was Master Lin was a nightmare for them.
Regarding what they did to Lin Fan before, Lin Fan would never give up, and offend a great master, even the Lin Family will feel a headache.
Liu Feifan sneered:
“No matter who you are, when you meet me, Liu Feifan, you will have only one end, and that is death!”
There was arrogance in the words, and it was obvious that Liu Feifei didn’t put Lin Fan in his eyes at all.
Because he was almost conceited in his own strength, as if he was already invincible in the world.
Lin Tianxun also reacted immediately, and smiled gloomily:
“Hahaha, Lin Fan, today I invited the Young Sorceress Master of the Witch Gu Sect to help out. Even if you are Master Lin, there is only a dead end!”
“You idiot, you think you can retaliate against our Lin family if you have the power of a great master? Back then we let you get out of the Lin family like a dog, and now we can still let you die like a dog!”
There was a thick and cruel face on his face, and his heart was ecstatic to the extreme.
If Grandpa knows that he has got rid of such a big trouble, he will definitely reward himself vigorously.
Lin Fan glanced at Liu Feifan, but smiled contemptuously:
“Only this waste?”
The sound is not loud, but it makes the whole audience hear clearly.
Liu Feifan’s face instantly cooled down. He has met many people so far, but there is still no one who dares to talk to him like Lin Fan.
Actually said he is a trash?
This directly made the murderous aura on him to the extreme.
And Lin Tianxun on the side also looked gloomy:
“Young Witch Master, this fellow dares to insult you like this, you must not let him go! Kill him soon!”
He couldn’t wait to see Lin Fan’s tragic situation.
Liu Feifan smiled instead of anger, saying:
“Then I have to see if he is qualified to die in my hands. I, Liu Feifei, didn’t kill all cats and dogs.”
“Go! Kill him!”

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