Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 164

The expressions of the old lady and all the seniors of the Bai family have all changed.
That’s right, they originally planned to let Bai Yi and Lin Fan resign.
But this sentence should be said by them, and now Bai Yi took the initiative to resign, this is the face of the old man, and the face of all Bai’s family.
Suddenly, the expressions of all the Bai family members were so gloomy that it was hard to see the extreme.
Especially the old lady!
With a pair of muddy eyes, he stared directly at Bai Yi, full of anger:
“Bai Yi, are you sure?”
“Yes!” Bai Yi said firmly, holding Lin Fan’s hand.
But at this moment, Lin Fan felt that Bai Yi’s jade hand was trembling slightly, obviously, she was also unwilling to give up.
“Okay! Very good!”
The old lady Bai was exasperated, and he said with a bit of resentment: “Since you are willing to leave the group for your waste husband, then my old man will fulfill you today!”
Grandpa Bai looked at Bai Yan and said softly:
“Bai Yan, starting today, you will succeed Bai Yi and officially become the new president of the Bai Group.”
This sentence, to Bai Yan, was like a pie in the sky, and instantly made her ecstatic:
“Okay! Thank you, grandpa, I will definitely work hard, rest assured, I will definitely be better than Bai Yi!”
“At least, I There isn’t a bad husband! Huh…”
Bai Yan couldn’t help but squinted at Bai Yi as he said this, that kind of proud and proud.
Bai Yi trembled fiercely in her delicate body, and a teardrop fell from her beautiful eyes.
Since she was a child, she has determined to make contributions to the Bai family and the Bai family.
But in the end!
It is still a sad ending.
“Lin Fan, I… let’s go!”
Bai Yi’s expression was extremely lonely, she forcibly resisted the tears in her eyes.
Even in tears, she did not want to shed in front of the Bai family.
And see this scene!
Lin Fan felt a slight pain in his heart. He stretched out his big hand, held Bai Yi’s perfectly beautiful face in his palm, gently wiped her tears, and then gently said,
“My wife, don’t be sad, it won’t be long. , They will come and beg, let you continue to serve as Bai’s president! ”
Lin Fan’s words not only caused Bai Yi to be stunned, but even the old man and all the Bai family members were all dumbfounded.
Begging Bai Yi?
Hahaha… After the reaction, all the Bai family members burst into laughter.
Why do they ask Bai Yi?
Now the prescriptions and development methods of the Pill of Resurrection are all in the hands of experts in the group. It can be said that now that Bai Yi has left his post, it has no effect on the Bai Group.
On the contrary, it is even more agreeable to all the Bai family members.
“Hahaha…Lin Fan, you really have a brain problem! We have all mastered your prescriptions and development techniques, do you think your husband and wife are still useful?” Uncle Bai Hai laughed very happy at this moment.
Because of Lin Fan, his son was broken by Dao Ye and others.
Bai Hai can’t wait to confess this waste to his son-in-law and tear it alive.
Not only him!
Bai Yan and others next to Lin Fan looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot, full of ridicule and mockery:
“Lin Fan, are you an idiot? Your husband and wife are useless at all, please? Hahaha, dream!”
“Yes, without you, the Bai family and Shanda Group can still continue to cooperate! And leave the Bai family, see How do you husband and wife face Yang Jinshui’s revenge!”
“Hahaha…this trash brain is flooded!”
At this moment, the ridicule all around was noisy.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan’s eyes were cold and stern in an instant.
His eyes swept across Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others in the main hall, like a sharp blade, making the smiles of these people suddenly stop:
“The more you laugh now, the more miserable you will be when you cry! ”
Remember, when you come to beg my wife next time, all of you, except the old lady, will…kneel!!!”

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