Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1675

Afterwards, Wang Zuyuan was stunned, and when she saw Xu Yourong frowning in front of her, with a suspicious expression on her face, she immediately understood what was going on.
Then he changed his mouth and said to Yingbin:
“You go down first, I will entertain these two guests!”
The welcome lady was shocked, didn’t she? Just two gold members, why is it worth receiving personally by the general manager?
But since it was Wang Zuyuan’s order, she couldn’t say anything, and turned around and left quickly.
And this time!
Xu Yourong looked at Wang Zuyuan suspiciously:
“you are?”
Wang Zuyuan said politely:
“Hello, I am the general manager of Ting Chao Ge, introduce myself, my name is Wang Zuyuan!”
When Xu Yourong heard Wang Zuyuan’s name, his eyes were about to stare out, and he even wondered if he had auditory hallucinations.
Wang Zuyuan?
That was indeed the general manager of Tingchaoge, and he was currently the only person in China to hold a full banquet for the entire Han Dynasty!
It is said that many state banquets are prepared by her!
This is more than that, the leader of the country received by the woman in front of me, I am afraid that there are no one hundred and eighty!
And she is a small golden member, how could it be worthy of Wang Zuyuan to receive in person?
Isn’t she dreaming?
However, there is more to it!
Wang Zuyuan led the two in one direction at this time.
Only when Xu Yourong arrived at the place did he realize that this was actually the residence of Lord Belle.
“Make a mistake, you must be mistaken! We don’t have a reservation for this box, and we are not qualified either!”
Xu Yourong said in fear, thinking that Wang Zuyuan had confessed to the wrong person!
Zhang Jianjun told her a thousand times before, don’t enter Bihuating by mistake, because there are many big people who will hold meetings here, and if you make a mistake, something will happen!
But Wang Zuyuan actually brought her to Bihuating?
This directly frightened Xu Yourong!
And Wang Zuyuan had already prepared her words and said with a smile:
“Miss doesn’t know that today is our 30th anniversary of listening to Chaoge, so the 100th customer who came in today will be eligible to enter Bihuating for free!”
What a coincidence?
Xu Yourong’s expression was dull, and at this time he was completely confused.
But at this moment, Lin Fan spoke, and said with an indifferent expression:
“Okay, serve some signature dishes, I’m hungry!”
Upon hearing this, Xu Yourong immediately became angry and reprimanded Lin Fan in a cold voice:
“What are you, is there any place for you to speak here?”
This white tiger really considers himself a character?
How dare you call Wang Zuyuan?
Even she doesn’t have such guts!
That Wang Zuyuan is a famous socialite in the emperor, if you offend her, you will definitely be unable to eat.
Wang Zuyuan was shocked, the dignified doctor Lin, the highest boss of Washington Pharmaceuticals, was so insulted?
Is this crazy?
At the moment, she was looking at Xu Yourong with extreme anxiety, as if she was watching a madman!
Does this woman know what she is doing?
At the moment, Wang Zuyuan hurriedly came up to the round and said embarrassingly:
“The visitors are all guests. Today you are the lucky guests of Ting Chao Ge. Any request is reasonable.”
Xu Yourong gave a cold snort and gave up angrily.
But for Lin Fan’s hatred, it was aggravated.
After that, the two of them entered the box. Even if Xu Yourong had studied abroad, he was well-informed, but he was stunned by the extreme luxury in front of him.
The blue and white porcelain placed at the door is worth millions at least, right?
In it, all the furniture is the finest golden nanmu, and has an extremely long history. If all this is converted into cash, it would cost more than 100 million.
This Bihua Court is really not something that ordinary people can come to!
It was Lin Fan, who had been accustomed to all this for a long time, so he didn’t have too many reactions.
But in Xu Yourong’s eyes, his calmness and calmness are just pretending to be compelling!
I am dumbfounded, why is this guy looking indifferent?
This is clearly pretending!
After the two sat down, Xu Yourong couldn’t wait to throw out a check:
“With this money, divorce Bai Yi!”

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