Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1718

The audience was silent for an instant!
The smiles of the two families solidified at this moment.
At this time, all of them couldn’t believe their eyes.
The two great masters actually knelt in front of Lin Fan at the same time?
What is this kidding?
These two great masters weren’t Wang Boyi’s helpers?
They are Wang Game’s masters, how can they kneel to Lin Fan?
Listen… Did you get it wrong?
The old man Li and the Wang family suddenly trembled in their hearts, and suddenly had a premonition that they dare not dare, and couldn’t help asking:
“Two, are you making a mistake? How can you kneel to him?”
After all, these two great masters are highly respected!
In their capacity, it’s almost the same for others to kneel to them.
In their eyes, sentient beings are like ants, even if the opponent is the genius doctor Lin?
It’s still destructible at the touch of a finger!
In this situation, why kneel down?
“Two masters, what are you doing? You are going to kill him soon!”
At this moment, Wang Gamei was also completely panicked and shouted extremely crazy!
This is his last reliance. If even the other party is unwilling to help, then he is really over!
The two of them turned around and stared at Wang Gamei coldly:
“Wang Boyi, from now on, we will no longer be your master!”
“Yes, Wang Gamei! Starting today, you have been officially expelled from the division!”
Wang Gamei is dumbfounded!
Everyone present was dumbfounded!
The two masters Wang Gamei invited directly announced that they wanted to draw a clear line with Wang Gamei as soon as they appeared on the stage?
Is this because of Lin Fan again?
These two are not others, it is the black and white double evil that Lin Fan only surrendered not long ago.
Now even they are just a pony under Lin Fan’s command, but Wang Gamei, a stupid stupid who knows nothing, dares to offend Lin Fan.
What is this not looking for death?
If they keep King Gaming by their side, wouldn’t they be fighting against Lin Fan?
To blame is Wang Gaming, stupid and ignorant, offending people who shouldn’t be offended!
Elder Li and Wang’s Patriarch, unable to withstand such a blow anymore, slumped on the ground one after another, their entire faces instantly grayed out.
They naturally knew that this must be because of Lin Fan!
Because the black and white Shuangsha suddenly changed their attitude after seeing Lin Fan, they must know Lin Fan’s identity and knew that the other party could not offend.
That’s why it is so humble!
At this moment, both old man Li was completely desperate, even the black and white Shuangsha were in awe of existence, so how could they afford to offend?
Oh my!
How terrifying is the background of this young man!
Not only the two Patriarchs, but also the people of the two families present felt their brains humming.
They realized at this time how much weight Li Xunran said, “You can’t afford this man”!
This is more than unprovoking, it is almost dead at the first sight!
“Impossible! This is impossible! You must be mistaken!”
Wang Boyi was panicked, staggering back a few steps, but with an unstable center of gravity, he fell to the ground.
There was a deep horror on that face!
Obviously, he was completely shocked by the reaction of his two masters.
And this time!
Black and white Shuangsha looked over and said with a complicated expression:
“Wang Boyi, do you remember that we told you that we met an expert in Jiangshi?”
Wang Boyi’s expression changed. I don’t know why they mentioned this incident suddenly, but they still answered truthfully:
“Of course I remember, you also said that with the strength of the two of you, there is only a dead end against that expert! And my talent is outstanding, you want to take me to Jiangshi and worship that expert as a teacher!”
At this moment, Heisha pointed at Lin Fan:
“This is the expert we are talking about!”

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