Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1748

Soon, Wang Youcai and Xu Longxiang walked in under the leadership of Song Yuerong.
“Patriarch Song, having such outstanding children and grandchildren is a blessing to your Song family!”
Wang Youcai said with a smile on his face, his face full of flattering meaning.
Excellent children and grandchildren?
Song Yuerong looked at Song Jingteng and Song Xiyue suspiciously, what did the father and son do?
Song Jingteng and Song Xiyue didn’t know why Wang Youcai praised them so much, but at this time they were also shaking with excitement.
“Old Zhu is too acclaimed, they are just ineffective people.”
Song Yuerong thought that Wang Youcai was talking about Song Jingteng and his son, so he replied politely.
Not a tool?
Is a grandson like Lin Shenyi still inadequate?
Song Yuerong is too harsh, right?
After that, a group of people took the seat one after another, except for Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
Everyone had already sat down, but the two of them were like fools, standing in the corner, ignoring and paying attention, which was extremely embarrassing.
“Lao Zhu, Zhang Bu, I would like to ask you, when will the genius doctor Lin come?”
Song Yuerong finally couldn’t help asking, he couldn’t wait to see the mysterious doctor Lin.
Wang Youcai suddenly looked confused, and said in confusion:
“Divine Doctor Lin has already come?”
The Song family’s eyes are not good, so a big living person is standing not far away, can the Song family actually see it?
Song Yuerong and others were in an uproar.
When did the genius doctor Lin come, why didn’t they know?
Everyone looked around in confusion, their expressions a little puzzled.
At this time, Wang Youcai stood up and came to the podium:
“Mr. Lin has indeed been there, but I am afraid that for some reason, he deliberately concealed his identity, right?”
“Then then, please let us welcome the genius Doctor Lin to come on stage with warm applause!”
Everyone immediately clapped their hands excitedly, and looked around at the same time, for fear that they might have missed that genius doctor Lin.
At this moment, Lin Fan released Bai Yi’s hand and said with a smile:
“My wife, the show has begun!”
Bai Yi’s head was about to explode immediately, and he looked at Lin Fan who was walking towards the stage in horror.
“I’m not dreaming, right?”
At this time, Bai Yi still didn’t dare to contact Lin Fan and Lin’s genius doctor.
She almost felt like she was about to stop breathing, the shock in her heart could no longer be described in words, and she stared directly at Lin Fan like this.
Seeing Lin Fan stepping onto the stage, Song Yuerong and others were shocked, and then roared:
“Lin Fan, what do you want to do as a dog? At this time, you still want to mess around, do you want to kill us?”
damn it!
This wild species, do you want to die with their Lin family?
Come out to make trouble when the genius doctor Lin is about to appear, is this still worth it?
Song Jingteng also had a gloomy expression, and quickly disassociated himself:
“Everyone, you have to give us a testimony. This guy is a wild species of the Lin family, born of an abandoned daughter of my Song family. He was swept out by us many years ago, so it has nothing to do with us.”
“What he is doing now has nothing to do with our Song family.”
They must show their attitude so as not to let the genius doctor Lin and the big guys think that this kid is related to them and implicate them.
But the voice just fell!
Zhang Jianjun and the others had their faces darkened one after another, and then all abruptly got up and walked towards Lin Fan.
Immediately afterwards, under the desperate gazes of all the Song family members, he bowed to Lin Fan:
“Welcome, genius doctor Lin!!!”
The audience fell into a dead silence for an instant!
At this moment, everyone seemed to have stopped breathing.
One by one, they couldn’t believe their eyes.
And Lin Fan, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, turned his head to face the sluggish crowd:
“Sorry, I am the genius doctor Lin!”

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