Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 176

“Three… Third brother! You can help us!” At this moment, Bai Hai couldn’t help but pleaded.
Bai Yan on the side also begged.
Even the old lady, after a change of expression, bit his head and said to Bai Shan:
“Lao San, don’t hate me, don’t hate the Bai family! This time, please help the Bai family!”
Help the Bai family?
At the corner of Baishan’s mouth, a wry smile became stronger:
“Dad! It’s not that I don’t help, but I can’t help at all!”
Hearing this, the old lady and others were taken aback:
“Didn’t Xu Tianlong come to discuss cooperation with you? Why can’t you help?”
Everyone looked at Baishan, full of doubts.
They naturally know that Baishan will not lie!
“Actually, Xu Tianlong and I have only one fate! At that time, their Tianlong Group seemed to be in a life-and-death crisis. Xu Tianlong took all Tianlong directors and planned to plead with the boss behind Tianlong Group to ask that person not to close Tianlong Group. !”
Baishan’s words, like a blockbuster, instantly caused everyone here to breathe.
The BOSS behind the Tianlong Group?
how can that be!
Everyone felt their scalp numb, and it was impossible to imagine that it turned out that the giant consortium of the Tianlong Group had a behind-the-scenes controller, which was unimaginable.
Even the face of Old Madam Bai showed boundless horror and fear, and he quivered and asked,
“The third child, do you know who the boss behind Tianlong Group is?” It’s not just the old man!
Everyone also looked at Baishan, their faces glowing with intense heat and curiosity.
And hear this!
The corners of Bai Shan’s mouth twitched slightly.
For some reason, he thought of his son-in-law Lin Fan.
“Is that kid?”
Bai Shan shook his head. Although he suspected Lin Fan in his heart, there was no evidence at all.
At this moment, I can only say uncertainly:
“Actually, I don’t know who the behind-the-scenes BOSS is? However, that BOSS handed over the life and death decision of the Tianlong Group to me!”
“So, I chose Tianlong Group… was born! And for thanks, Xu Tianlong opened all sales channels to our Bai Group for free, and even brought us tens of billions of orders
At this moment, the old lady Bai completely understood why Xu Tianlong really came.
“Lao San, you are the benefactor of the Tianlong Group! If you persuade Xu Tianlong, maybe he will open the net?” The old man’s eyes are shining, looking at his most trash son, as if looking at the last one Help straw!
Bai Shan shook his head:
“Dad! You are wrong, if Xu Tianlong really gives me face, then he will not issue a banning order at all!”
That’s right!
At this moment, the old lady sat down on the floor.
Yes, if Xu Tianlong really cared about Baishan, how could he block Baishan’s family?
“What to do? Blame me! Blame me!” At this moment, the old lady felt regretful. He seemed to have seen the miserable scene of the Bai family’s instantaneous collapse during the blockade of the major forces.
Not only him!
Everyone around Bai Hai, Bai Yan, etc., was equally desperate, crying and crying, heartbroken.
But at this moment!
Baishan’s expression fluctuated slightly, and then said:
“Although, I am not sure who the boss of Tianlong Group is?”
“But I know, who can save Tianlong Group!”
Bai Shan’s words made the cry of the Bai family come to an abrupt end.
One after another nervous and expectant eyes, he looked at Baishan again.
And just under their sight, Bai Shan said with a complicated expression:
“The one who can save the Bai family is my son-in-law… Lin Fan!”
Lin Fan!
When they heard these two words, the eyes of the old lady, Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others suddenly went wide.
They remembered!
Yang Jinshui brought four first-class groups to repay Lin Fan!
Xu Tianlong took all the directors, opened his mouth and closed his mouth, resenting them for expelling’Mr. Lin’!
And that is to say!
Lin Fan is the ultimate key person in this matter!

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