Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1773

But Xu Yourong was still hesitant, why didn’t she know what virtue Wang Zhijun was.
That was an old gnawing clan, a lively trash, more useless than Lin Fan’s little white face.
What qualifications does this waste have to be Wu Zhizhong’s friend?
So Xu Yourong is very clear that things are not that simple.
“Since Miss Xu doesn’t even give this thin noodle, please go back.”
Wu Zhizhong said rudely, turning his face faster than turning a book.
Wang Zhijun suddenly panicked, fearing that Wu Zhizhong would be unhappy and vent his anger, so he had to speak:
“You Rong, you can have a drink. If you get drunk, I’ll take you home. Don’t you worry about having a cousin here?”
Xu Yourong sighed, knowing that if he doesn’t drink this glass of wine today, he has no way to negotiate with Wu Zhizhong.
Then, she picked up the wine glass and toasted Wu Zhizhong:
“The little lord, I will toast you a glass!”
“Well, well, this is the truth!”
Wu Zhizhong smiled and raised his wine glass, but there was a strange look in his eyes.
After Xu Yourong had a glass of wine, he said with a strong smile:
“Little prince, can we start signing the contract?”
“Ms. Xu is really impatient. I’m not busy or busy. I have always heard that Miss Xu has always worshiped the genius Doctor Lin, so after the genius Doctor Lin comes, we can sign the contract together, how about?”
Wu Zhizhong said with a smile, his eyes were already full of flames.
Wu Zhizhong’s words suddenly thundered, leaving Xu Yourong stunned on the spot.
Master Lin is coming?
Can I finally meet my idol?
“Are you true?”
Xu Yourong hurriedly sat beside Wu Zhizhong excitedly. At this time, because of the excitement, he ignored everything.
Wu Zhizhong couldn’t help being stunned. This woman had avoided herself like a snake and scorpion just now, but now she is so affectionate?
It seemed that she was really obsessed with that genius doctor Lin.
But Wu Zhizhong did invite Lin Fan.
After all, the new vaccine is now a piece of fat, and everyone wants to share the pie.
Therefore, Wu Zhizhong specially asked Zhang Jianjun to invite the mysterious doctor Lin for him, and planned to have a meeting with him here today.
“Of course it’s true, you’ll be able to see him in a while.”
Wu Zhizhong laughed and said:
“Before this, let’s drink a few more glasses. I heard that Dr. Lin is also a good drinker. If you don’t drink, he might not like it.”
Upon hearing this, Xu Yourong was also startled, and then quickly raised his glass again:
“Then I will toast the little prince again.”
At this time, she didn’t care about anything, as long as she could see the great doctor Lin.
See it!
The playfulness in Wu Zhizhong’s eyes became more intense, staring at Xu Yourong squintingly, and the genius Doctor Lin was afraid it would take a while to arrive.
Before that, Xu Yourong had become his crotch plaything!
After seeing the genius doctor Lin for a while, he will play with the sisters again tonight.
After drinking for three rounds, Xu Yourong also realized what was wrong. He couldn’t even sit still, and his body was crumbling, as if he might fall at any time.
“How come I feel so dizzy!”
She knew something about her drinking capacity, and it was impossible to get drunk after a few drinks.
Is there anything in this wine?
And Wu Zhizhong finally tore his face and grinned like a jackal, tiger and leopard:
“Is that because I was drugged in your wine?”
Xu Yourong’s Huarong paled, and he bounced off the sofa, but he was unstable and fell to the ground.
I feel strong all over.
“Little Prince, how can a character like you do such a shameless thing?”
Xu Yourong stared at Wu Zhizhong angrily, not thinking that this man was really acting like this, and even drugged him.
However, Wu Zhizhong smiled and walked towards Xu Yourong step by step:
“Miss Xu, don’t blame me! If you want to blame, you are so beautiful. I can’t bear it anymore. That’s why I got you in this way.”
“Don’t worry, I will be responsible for you. From now on, you will be my Wu Zhizhong’s woman. After the imperial capital, no one will dare to bully you!”

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