Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 178

And hear his words!
The high-level people around also burst into laughter instantly, looking at Lin Fan and Bai Yi one by one, as if they were watching two jokes.
Not only that!
The movement here obviously alarmed other employees and senior members of the group. Many people walked out of the building and began to watch from a distance.
After seeing more and more people!
Bai Yi’s pretty face is ugly to the extreme: “Zheng Xuechang, you told the security guard not to open the door? What do you want to do?”
At the corner of Zheng Xuechang’s mouth, there was a strong ridicule and ridicule:
“Ah! Our former president, isn’t our temper bad?” That’s it!
Zheng Xuechang’s eyes suddenly cold, and he shouted angrily:
“Bai Yi, do you think you are the president of the group? What kind of prestige are you playing here!”
“I’m telling you, we already know everything! Because of your waste husband, You have resigned now and you are not a member of our Bai Group!”
“So, you are not eligible to join the group!”
This sentence completely changed Bai Yi’s expression.
She couldn’t think that she worked so hard to help the Bai family lay down the country, but on the day she just resigned, she didn’t even let her in.
Bai Yi took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and then said with a trembling:
“I have resigned, this time I come back to pack my own things and leave immediately!”
“Hey… No need Now!”
Zheng Xuechang smiled sinisterly, and then waved.
Suddenly, the two high-level officials walked over with two boxes.
Inside the box, there were some folders, a picture frame, and some personal belongings, all of which were Bai Yi’s things.
Seeing these things, Bai Yi’s heart became more and more cold.
She did not expect that these people could not wait so impatiently that they wanted to leave, and even her things had already been packed.
“Bai Yi, these are all your things! Now, give it back to you!”
Zheng Xuechang smiled sinisterly, and then snapped his fingers!
Suddenly, the two high-level managers smiled sorrowfully, facing the fence door with the box in their hands, and fell down!
Suddenly, one by one items spilled out from the iron fence.
This is naked humiliation!
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes became wet and red in an instant, and the anger on Qiao’s face could no longer be restrained: “Zheng Xuechang, I usually treat you not thinly, why do you treat me like this?”
Bai Yi couldn’t figure it out.
In the clothing department, she was the top leader, and Zheng Xuechang was her deputy.
After she became president, she also mentioned Zheng Xuechang as the head of the clothing department.
It can be said!
This person was completely trained by himself, but now Bai Yi could not think that the first person to oppose her was also Zheng Xuechang.
“Hahaha… Bai Yi, people take the tea to cool, don’t you understand such a simple truth?”
Zheng Xuechang seemed to have heard the funniest joke, pointed at Bai Yi, and laughed loudly:
“I tell you, the incumbent The president is Bai Yan. I have already spoken with Bai Yan on the phone before. After she took office, the first thing she did was let me be the chief technical consultant!”
Chief Technical Advisor!
This is Lin Fan’s previous position.
“It turned out to be like this! You are still thinking about serving as the chief technical consultant for Lin Fan!” Bai Yi understood completely, and it was precisely this that made her feel more chilling.
“That’s right! It’s because of your trash husband!”
Zheng Xuechang’s eyes were red, and he stared at Lin Fan angrily. He wanted to eat Lin Fan.
“If there is no such trash, then I will be the chief technical consultant. But, this trash not only took away the position that originally belonged to me, but even slapped me in the face in front of all the high-levels! It made me lose face!”
“I can’t wait to kill him!”
“Unfortunately, now Without my action , Yang Jinshui of the Shanda Group would kill him! Hahaha…” Zheng Xuechang smiled happily and hideously, as if he had seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan’s death on the street.

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