Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1811

“Hahaha, he’s so funny, that guy can pretend, is he here to make up?”
“It looks like an embroidered pillow. It looks good on the outside, but in fact there is a straw bag inside.”
“Fuck, you see that his accomplices can’t stand him, they tripped him up, hahaha!”
Huo Dongying was angry and annoyed by the people who ate melons and kicked towards Lin Fan.
The boxer also punched Lin Fan at the same time.
Two people flanking each other, if you are a real master, you will be hit by at least one of them.
Lin Fan disappeared like a phantom.
Huo Dongying and the boxing master only felt a flower in front of them, and the target of the attack was suddenly lost, and the two almost collided.
The boxer scolded, “Damn, where did that kid go?”
Huo Dongying suddenly noticed that Lin Fan was standing behind the boxer with a smile, and reminded him anxiously.
“You, behind you!”
Before he could finish his words, Lin Fan slammed his punch, hitting the boxer’s temple.
The tall boxer whirled around and fell to the ground, completely deprived of combat effectiveness.
A puff of dust flew up from the ground.
Behind the dust, Lin Fan stood up like a god of war, hooked his finger to Huo Dongying and sneered.
“Master Huo, it’s your turn!”
But a blood-red flame flashed in his eyes, making the opposite Huo Dongying shudder.
Huo Dongying no longer cared about prying the corner of the wall, bent down to help the boxer, and got into the car.
Martial arts master Ma Baoyuan also got into the car.
Huo Dongying drove the car and fled.
“Hi, Master Huo, did you escape like this?” Lin Fan shouted while standing there.
Seeing him one man and four people, many onlookers cast surprised eyes.
Xu Yourong rushed over, took Lin Fan’s hand, and looked up and down.
“Lin Fan, are you in trouble, are there any injuries?”
Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand: “You think the great master is muddled, how can he get hurt so easily?”
Xu Yourong watched the people eating melons still pointing to them, and then whispered to Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan, why bother with an idiot? Doesn’t this hurt your status as a great master?”
But Lin Fan glanced at Xu Yourong and smiled:
“If I don’t do this, Huo Dongying will continue to pester you! I can only scare him and convince him!”
Hear the words!
Xu Yourong was taken aback for a moment, and then a deep emotion emerged in his heart.
After returning to his villa, Huo Dongying was so angry that he broke several imported glasses one after another.
The four invited masters sat on the opposite sofa, watching Huo Dongying lose their temper with a sad expression.
The babysitter at home walked into the living room tremblingly and cleaned up the glass ballast on the floor.
Huo Dongying raised another glass and was about to fall to the floor.
The nanny reminded in a low voice.
“Master Huo, the cup is very expensive. It was brought back from Europe by his wife through a friend. One is worth twenty euros…”
If so many cups are smashed without hindrance, if the master knows, the nanny will also follow him.
“Damn, my young master will fall if he wants to fall!” Huo Dongying scolded, “If you are a nanny who cares about me, I will fall!”
As he said, he raised the cup high, but at the thought of being scolded by his own old man, he fell helplessly on the sofa.
He threw it away and the glass “clams” on the coffee table.
The babysitter hurriedly grabbed it a few steps and reached out to support the glass.
Huo Dongying cursed unwillingly: “That fellow Lin Fan is not only the genius doctor Lin, it is so difficult to deal with, none of us can win him!”
Ma Baoyuan angrily accused the boxer on the side.
“I don’t understand, everyone was invited by Master Huo to deal with Lin Fan’s trash, how can you do it on me?!”

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