Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 197

The richest man in Yunhai!
Fei family at the helm!
Lin Fan remembered when he heard Gao Zhiyuan’s introduction. He often heard Bai Yi talk about the most famous people in the surrounding cities.
For example, Xu Tianlong in Jiangshi and Fei Changqing in Yunhai.
Xu Tianlong’s background is profound and unpredictable!
On the other hand, Fei Changqing has an extremely diverse industry. Not only Yunhai City, but also Jiang City and Jiangnan City, the provincial capital, have many of their Fei family industries.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t expect that by chance, he would save such a character.
“I’m ashamed!”
At this moment, Fei Lao’s face was full of shame:
“At that time, the old man thought that he was old and healthy. He came to Jiang City to inspect Fei’s property alone, but he did not expect that he would suffer a serious illness and die. Dying!”
“Especially, it turned out to be a rare Philippine Locke disease! If it hadn’t been taken by the great doctor Lin, the old man’s life would have been gone!” He said!
Fei Lao’s face was full of deep sighs and gratitude.
However, Lin Fan shook his head lightly:
“It’s just a matter of effort, don’t worry about it!”
Lin Fan frowned slightly, and couldn’t help but look at the gray-robed old man and the beautiful girl next to him. He hesitated for a moment and continued:
“However, if you don’t want your family, and another funeral, I advise your granddaughter to suspend practice. Jiquan!”
When he heard that, Lin Fan actually pulled the topic back to the Bajiquan, and the gray-robed old man Kong Lao next to him, his expression instantly gloomy to the extreme.
“Boy, you read the old lady saved my brother fee, this forgave you just disrespectful words! You can not toast Monastic!”
Kong Lao’s body immediately reappeared, as if he didn’t agree, he would fight Lin Fan.
This scene, let Lin Fan eyes, a slight squint, Hanmang, suddenly flashed:
“I’m going to save her, but also save you!”
“And, Monastic alone, you do”??
Lin Fan’s attitude was full of disdain. The look at Kong Lao was as if he were looking at an ant crawler, and Kong Lao suddenly burst his lungs.
“Okay! Very good! You are definitely the most arrogant junior I have ever seen since the old man walked the rivers and lakes!” Old Kong was completely irritated by Lin Fan.
At this moment, after he gave Lin Fan a fierce look, he turned his head and said to Fei and Gao:
“Brother Fei! Brother Gao! This time, Lao Kong can’t help both of you!”
“Today, I don’t care if he is a genius doctor or your benefactor! I must teach this arrogant boy a good lesson, and give my Baji fist righteously!”
Old man Kong was like an angry lion.
His eyes were completely red.
And this scene made it difficult to see the extremes of Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the beautiful girl’s complexion.
“Mr. Lin, this old man Kong is one of the most famous martial arts masters in our Jiangnan province!”
“The number one master of Yunhai City is his apprentice! He is not only good at Bajiquan, but also at Tongbeiquan and Iron Sand Palm. , Luohan Boxing, everything works!”
At this moment, Fei Lao and others looked at Lin Fan with worry.
They wanted to persuade Lin Fan to apologize to Old Man Kong, so that they could turn the fighting into jade.
“Small bugs! That’s all!”
When Lin Fan’s words fell, Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and beautiful girls all around had their scalp numb.
furious! overbearing!
They couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan not only didn’t have the slightest persuasion, but instead dismissed Kong Lao’s force so dismissively.

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