Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 199

This… how is this possible!
At this moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard is depressed and silent.
Almost everyone just feels that their heart is pounding wildly, as if to pop out of their throat.
They looked at the leaves that were like blades, inserted into the trunk of the ancient locust tree.
Everyone can hardly believe their eyes.
Especially Kong Lao!
He only felt a gust of cold air, and the sole of his foot instantly rushed to his forehead.
so close.
He could be sure that as long as Lin Fan moved the angle slightly inward at the moment when he took the shot, it was not the skin on the upper surface of his neck that was split, but his…neck!
“Pickling leaves hurts people! You… are you a martial arts master?”
When he reacted, Kong Lao almost scared to pee.
As a man in martial arts, he has naturally heard of the miracle of plucking leaves that hurts people. Only those who reach the level of a master can infuse their inner breath into the real thing, so that one flower and one leaf can hurt people. .
It’s just that he has lived for so long and has never really seen the grandmaster with his own eyes, and now…
Lin Fan is so young, how could he be a grandmaster ?
Lin Fan shook his head lightly:
“I am not a grandmaster!”
If you are not a master, how can you hurt people by picking leaves?
This… simply incredible.
It’s just that Kong Lao didn’t know that the grandmaster’s so-called picking of leaves would hurt people. It required a huge amount of energy and consumption. After a grandmaster, after picking leaves and hurting people, he almost completely lost his combat power. status.
But Lin Fan is different.
For him, picking leaves hurts people just by raising their hands.
In his eyes, it is just a bigger ant, nothing more.
At this moment, under the shocking sight of Fei and the others, I saw that Kong Lao did not hesitate or hesitate anymore, and actually knelt to the ground facing Lin Fan, full of panic and anxiety:
“Even Mr. I am not a master, and I am far from being an enemy of Kong Sheng!”
“Just now, I was so offensive to the little gentleman, please forgive me! Thank you even the little gentleman for not killing!” Kong Lao is not stupid.
He naturally knows that being able to do this to the extent that plucking leaves hurts people is 100% superior.
If the other party really wants to kill himself, then only one point is needed just now, and he has become a dead person.
Not only Kong Lao, but Fei Lao and the three people who were next to him also woke up from the shock before, and they all shuddered with excitement!
“Mr. Lin, my god… my God! You are still a martial artist? No wonder you are so disdainful of Bajiquan!”
“Yes, Mr. Lin, I, I’ve been so knowledgeable. The first time I saw a leaf, , Can pierce the trunk! This is incredible!”
“Little brother, what is your skill? Can you teach me? It’s so handsome!”
At this moment, the three of Fei were excited and incoherent.
They looked at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a god, the kind of admiration, the kind of worship, richness to the extreme.
And Lao Kong asked nervously and nervously:
“Little sir, is there really a problem with that Bajiquan?”
At this moment, no one doubted that Lin Fan was talking nonsense anymore.
After all, the scene just now really frightened everyone.
“That’s right!”
Lin Fan nodded, then frowned and said:
“I don’t know who exactly gave you this kind of Octopus Fist! This style of fist seems to be powerful and domineering, but it is based on retrograde blood. If you come to get it, as long as it takes a little longer, it will cause irreversible damage to your blood vessels!”
“If I expected it to be good, you practiced for three years, and now every day when you fall asleep, your whole body aches, especially at Tanzhong point. Why!”
These words of Lin Fan instantly made Old Man Kong’s eyes wide open.

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