Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 20

“Dark Emperor Lin Fanbaiyi” Source:
The old lady came in person!
When the old lady appeared, Shen Yumei’s complexion was as pale as paper.
In her opinion, it must be Bai Yifan’s general Lin Fan’s matter, and he reported it to the old man, which made the other party come in personally in anger.
Thinking of the terrible consequences, Shen Yumei’s scalp numb.
How to do?
Dense cold sweat dripped from her forehead.
Contrary to her.
The moment they saw the old lady, Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao on the side were instantly ecstatic.
He hurried forward, puffed, and knelt down in front of the old lady:
“Dad! You are going to be the master for me! Look at my face, I was beaten by the little beast of Lin Fan! Please be fair, please Little beast, expelled from the Bai family!”
“Grandpa! I was also beaten by Lin Fan. He was so courageous that he beat my mother-in-law and me. It didn’t count. He even dared to refuse your old man’s call. It was even more humiliating! It’s dead ! Please give him a heavy punishment!” Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao sang and made a peace.
Especially, with the bright red palm prints on the two of them, the embarrassed appearance, looks very pitiful, and seems to be really wronged.
Just this scene!
Let the second master Shirakawa and Bai Yan look pale.
They wanted to give a reminder, but due to the presence of the old lady, the two dared not say anything!
“Good! Very good!” The old lady’s expression was so gloomy, he glanced viciously at the bruised cheeks of Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao, and then walked toward Lin Fan fiercely.
Da da da!
The sound of his footsteps was heavy and powerful.
Especially in this hall, it gave everyone a sense of coercion and oppression. This scene immediately made Yang Meifeng two people more and more ecstatic!
Xingshi asks sin!
This time, they seemed to see that the old lady was furious, expelling the Lin Fan family from the Bai clan, making the two of them extremely excited.
“Huh! Little beast, your retribution is here!”
Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao looked at each other, and a vicious smile appeared!
At this moment, the old lady had already walked in front of Lin Fan and Shen Yumei.
His face is somber and harsh!
A pair of turbid eyes stared at Lin Fan.
“Dad…” Shen Yumei was trembling with fear, and just when she was about to intercede for Lin Fan.
The words of the old lady resounded:
“Lin Fan, from today, you formally become the chief technical consultant of the Baishi Group !” “Bai Yi, the president of Rongsheng Baishi Group!”
When the old lady’s words resounded, Shen Yumei’s demanding words suffocated.
The vicious smiles on Yang Meifeng and Ma Zhitao’s faces completely solidified.
At this moment, both Shen Yumei and Yang Meifeng could hardly believe their ears.
Lin Fan, Chief Technical Consultant!
Bai Yi, President of Bai Group!
how can that be!
“Dad! Are you confused? Lin Fan hit me and hit Zhitao! Even more refused your call and humiliated Bai Yifan! How can you let him enter the group and award the chief technical consultant!”
“Why! He is a waste, what qualifications does he have to join the group!” Yang Meifeng was crazy.
She stood up and snarled frantically.
She just felt that her lungs were going to explode.
Hearing Yang Meifeng’s scream, the old lady’s gaze was suddenly cold, but he hadn’t waited for him to scream.
Lin Fan’s words resounded:
“Sorry! I refuse!”

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