Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 200

That’s right!
It was extremely difficult for him to fall asleep every night. Originally, he thought it was due to his old injuries, so he didn’t even think about Bajiquan.
And now…
a cold sweat came out of Kong Lao’s forehead:
“Mr. Lin, how long do I have to live?”
Hearing this, not only Kong Lao, but also Fei and the others next to him, also thoroughly. Tensed.
after all!
Fei’s granddaughter also practiced Bajiquan. Although it was not as long as Kong’s for three years, it has been two years.
“Half a year!”
When Lin Fan said this, the expressions of Kong Lao, the beautiful girl and others changed drastically.
Kong old six months life!
Doesn’t that mean that the beautiful girl still has one and a half years of life?
No wonder, Lin Fan said before that if you want Fei’s family not to do funerals, then you must stop practicing Bajiquan.
“Mr. Lin, you are an expert, please think of a solution! Kong Sheng is my old brother, and Fei Qingying is my only granddaughter! Please help them if you say anything!”
Fei Lao completely at this moment Panicking, he begged Lin Fan bitterly:
“As long as you can save them, no matter what you ask, my Fei family can agree!” In an instant!
Everyone looked at Lin Fan, as if looking at the last straw.
And Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Don’t panic! Actually, the way to save lives is very simple!”
This sentence made everyone stunned, and then they heard:
“This set of Bajiquan is completely rebellious! You only need to reverse the method of operation!”
“Not only can you slowly nourish and strengthen your blood bones, it can also heal your injuries and prolong your life!”
As soon as these words came out, Kong Lao was slightly startled, and now he quickly tried to run Bajiquan.
However, the law of operation is completely reversed from before.
And when this works!
Everyone immediately heard that Kong Lao’s body was blasted with a crisp burst of beans, and then in his nostrils, there seemed to be a light black breath that was swallowed out.
“Ok… so comfortable! As if the pain on my body has been reduced a lot!”
After a stick of incense, Kong Lao opened his eyes.
A glow of ecstasy and excitement suddenly burst into his eyes.
Not only that!
“I seem to feel that the strength in my body has increased a bit. It seems that even the skin and bones are tougher than before!” Kong Lao’s voice trembled and was incredulous.
The people around were even more upset.
How can it be!
Just a stick of incense can have such a great miraculous effect?
This is simply incredible.
“This is because you are running Bajiquan normally for the first time! In the future, this effect will gradually weaken, but your strength will increase with the day!”
Lin Fan was not surprised.
After all, Bajiquan is an entry-level technique in the blood prison, but it was used for three thousand blood prison powerhouses, eight thousand dark warriors, and bones and tendons!
The effect is naturally extraordinary.
However, in Lin Fan’s eyes, the most common thing, but in the eyes of Kong Lao and Fei Lao, it was like a miracle, incredible.
this moment!
Fei Lao, Kong Lao, and the beautiful girl hurriedly came to Lin Fan’s face, and then bowed deeply to Lin Fan again.
That kind of attitude is extremely religious and fanatical.
“I’ll wait, thanks to the genius Doctor Sherin for his life-saving grace!”
See this scene!
Lin Fan smiled slightly.
However, just when he wanted to say something, Gao’s cell phone rang instantly.
Upon hearing this, his expression changed.

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