Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 201

Almost everyone noticed that when he continued the call, Gao’s expression immediately changed.
When the call was hung up, Fei and others asked suspiciously:
“Lao Gao, what’s the matter?”
Hear this!
The elder Gao couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan, and quickly said:
“Mr. Lin, it’s Miss Bai Yi’s call. She is looking for you. Listening to her tone, there seems to be something urgent! I have already told her about this. Address, she will pick you up right away!”
Lin Fan’s brows wrinkled slightly, he had already guessed something in his heart, and said to Fei and the others at the moment:
” Everyone , then I’ll go now! See you later!”
After speaking, Lin Fan turned around and left.
Seeing this scene, everyone did not continue to stay, they could only get up to see each other.
When everyone came to the door, they saw Bai Yi’s Mercedes-Benz, already slowly driving over.
Bai Yi’s pretty face was extremely ugly at the moment, faintly filled with anger.
When Lin Fan got in the car, he directly pulled him and walked away.
This scene left Fei Lao and others for a moment, but they didn’t think much about it.
“Grandpa, you should also prepare. The signing banquet of the Shen family will begin soon!” Fei Qingying couldn’t help but said to Fei Lao.
Shen family?
Hearing these two words, Gao Zhiyuan was slightly taken aback : “Lao Fei, the Shen family you are talking about, is it the Shen family of the old grandpa Shen and Shen Jian father and son?”
Fei Lao said with a smile :
“This Shen family belongs to a first-class family in Jiang City. There are many inter-communications between the business and our Fei family’s industry!”
“Before, the Shen family had always asked us to cooperate, but the qualifications were not enough, so I rejected them all! This time, Mr. Lin saved my life. According to my investigation, the Shen family is Madam Lin’s grandfather’s family! Therefore, I intend to give them a contract worth 100 million US dollars! ”
Sure enough!
A wry smile appeared at the corner of Gao’s mouth.
Fei Changqing may not know it, but Gao Zhiyuan knows it very well. Although the Shen family is the grandfather’s family of Lin Fan and his wife, the other party simply doesn’t like Lin Fan and his wife.
After Lin Fan expelled Zhou Xian, the grandson-in-law of the Shen family, it was feared that the relationship between the Shen family and Lin Fan’s husband and wife was in dire straits.
“Lao Fei, don’t know if I can go with me this time?” Gao Zhiyuan asked.
And Fei was taken aback for a moment, then nodded and smiled:
“Hahaha…Lao Gao, it would be better for you to go together!”
Gao Zhiyuan also smiled.
But in his heart, not only silently mourned for the Shen family.
If the Shen family does not have long eyes and provokes Mr. Lin, then what awaits them will be a…tragedy!

At the same time!
On the Mercedes-Benz, Bai Yi’s pretty face almost dripped gloomy.
Along the way, without saying a word, the atmosphere was dull and depressing.
Not only that, Lin Fan found that in the back seat, there were some precious gifts bought by Bai Yi, as if to give gifts.
“Old…wife, are you okay?” Lin Fan asked with a dry smile.
And hear this!
Bai Yi, who endured all the way, completely exploded:
“It’s okay? Lin Fan, can you stop getting into trouble!”
“Do you know? My grandfather called me personally just now, and he said that you were suing Lin Dong at the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital, and that hurt Shen Ling’s husband Zhou Xian After losing their job, the family was kicked out by the hospital!”
In Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes, there was a hint of mist:
“Lin Fan, originally our family and the Shen family were not in harmony! When you did this again, did you think of our mother? Thought about me?”
“You let our family, how will we see grandpa and them in the future!”
The more Bai Yi said, the more angry he got, and the more Lin Fan listened, his look became more weird.
Then he knew.
It turned out that Bai Yi did not know that Lin Dong was him, and the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital was their hospital.
Lin Fan was too lazy to explain, he was just silent.

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