Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 204

At this moment, the Shen family, Bai Yi, and the guests around, looked at the scene in front of them one by one, stunned in shock.
They saw that Zhou Xian, who was originally aggressive, was like a little chicken at this moment, being held by Lin Fan.
The big palms slapped Zhou Xian’s delicate cheeks, slap after slap.
Zhou Xian was as if beaten up and completely lost resistance.
A trace of blood dripped from his mouth.
Teeth fell from the corner of his mouth.
Until the last slap, he slapped Zhou Xian’s face fiercely, and suddenly a blood mist was splashed.
Lin Fan then threw Zhou Xian to the ground like a dead dog.
He turned his head and scanned the rest of the Shen family, his eyes were cold and gloomy:
“Who else? Want to hit me!”
As soon as these words came out, both Shen Taigong, Shen Jian and his wife, suddenly felt as if they were being stared at by a hungry wolf, making their backs cold.
Especially, when they saw that Zhou Xian’s face was completely bloody and completely deformed, everyone only felt the scalp numb.
This man is a madman.
The Shen family simply couldn’t connect Lin Fan, who was fierce and cruel in front of him, to the former son-in-law who was only a promise and bullied.
Originally, Shen Jian and others wanted to accuse Lin Fan, but when they saw the blood dripping down on Lin Fan’s palm, they could only swallow and spit, and they were completely silent.
“Okay! Since none of you want to hit me? Then this matter, just forget it!”
Lin Fan shrugged and went straight back behind Bai Yi.
His face was always as flat as before, as if nothing had happened.
At this moment, the atmosphere in the hall was silent for several minutes.
After a long time!
Only then did Taigong Shen react from the consternation just now, and suddenly his old face became completely black.
“Useless waste! Cuiping, quickly help Zhou Xian down to make him sober!” When Shen Taigong saw Zhou Xian still in a daze, his nose almost crooked.
He also wanted to let Zhou Xian beat Lin Fan violently and vent his anger.
But I never thought that Zhou Xian was so useless, and Lin Fan was beaten into a pig head by Lin Fan, and the Shen family’s face was lost.
Thought of this!
Taigong Shen couldn’t help but stared at Lin Fan fiercely, and said coldly:
“Lin Fan, you don’t need to be proud, this is not over!”
“After the signing banquet is over, I will make you look good!”
Taigong Shen was no longer lazy to look at Lin Fan, but stood up and said to the surrounding guests:
“Hahaha…a little thing at home, let everyone laugh! Let’s go on!”
Hear this!
Those guests were relieved one by one.
Suddenly, every celebrity walked towards the theme with gifts.
“Old lady, congratulations on signing such a super order! This is a golden horse that I prepared, which means that we can make a lot of money and succeed! It is not respectful!”
” Old lady, this calligraphy and painting cost me a million. I got it from abroad! I used it to honor you!”
“Also, my old lady, this set of tea sets was used by a distinguished official in the Qing Dynasty! I will honor you today, and I hope to cooperate and take care of you in the future!”
At this moment, many guests will One by one expensive gifts were delivered to the main seat.
For each item, the cheapest is five to six hundred thousand.
The value is extraordinary.
And see this scene!
The younger uncle Shen Jian in the main seat turned his eyes to Lin Fan and Bai Yi involuntarily, and his eyes were full of resentment and sarcasm:
“Bai Yi, I heard that your Bai Group is now in good shape! I don’t know this time you. Here, what gift have you prepared for your grandfather?” In a word, Bai Yi’s pretty face turned pale in an instant.

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