Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 205

Bai Yi heard her uncle Shen Jian’s questioning, her pretty face was ugly.
She came in a rush this time, mainly because she brought Lin Fan and apologized to the Shen family.
Before coming, she went out to buy some gifts!
But now it seems!
These gifts are too shabby.
“Yeah? Cousin, you didn’t prepare a gift, did you? You don’t treat your grandfather too much because you are empty-handed!” Shen Ling also sneered.
She wanted Bai Yi to lose face, Bai Yi was ashamed, and that was Lin Fan’s shame.
“Oh… Maybe Bai Yi, who has become more and more popular now, doesn’t look down on our poor relatives at all!”
“Yes, after all, her surname is Bai, not Shen! Just now her trash husband shot us Shen! Family, she didn’t stand up!”
At this moment, a ridiculous voice from a famous Shen family swept over Bai Yi.
Suddenly Bai Yi had a pretty face, almost dripping gloomy.
She can only bite the bullet, Shen Tai Gong said:
“Grandfather, this time I …… I came in a hurry, not prepared in advance, you can only go to the mall to buy some old tonic!”
Bai Yi put the gift he was holding on the table.
Ginseng, deer antler, cordyceps… are all supplements, but although they are not too expensive, they add up to nearly 100,000 yuan.
These supplements were extremely shabby and pathetic compared with the treasures sent by the rest of the guests.
In an instant, the disgust and sarcasm on the complexion of Shen Taigong and all the Shen family became more and more intense.
“Cut! As expected of the president of the Bai Group, he is generous! It’s ginseng and deer antler. Don’t you think I have never seen good things in the Shen family?”
“Yeah! This really treats our Shen family as a beggar. That’s it! Alas, the girl is extroverted, she really is not fake!” “If it were me, I would have no face to take this thing! I’m so embarrassed to take it out…” The dense ridicule, not only did not follow Bai Yi to take out gifts, but A little weakened.
Instead, it became more noisy.
Those sarcasm words are like slaps in the face, making Bai Yi’s pretty face shy and angry, and her body is shivering.
Just at this moment!
A big hand suddenly hugged her.
Bai Yi only felt that a burst of warmth to the heart came from the big hand.
Turning around, it was Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan, you…”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in astonishment. She didn’t know what her husband was going to do.
Heard this!
Lin Fan couldn’t help but smiled:
“They like comparison, they like money! Then, I’ll do it!”
Lin Fan’s words not only made Bai Yi stunned, but the Shen family next to him were all dumbfounded.
You come?
This kid is just a door-to-door son-in-law. He doesn’t even have a job. What kind of precious gifts can he give out from the waste of his wife?
Is this a joke?
At the moment, the surrounding Shen family wanted to laugh again.
However, before their words were spoken, they saw a scene that shocked them.
I saw Lin Fan stretch out one of his sleeves, and then gently snapped at a button on the cuff of his clothes!
There was a sound of thread breaking, and the buttons were suddenly torn off by Lin Fan.
Then, he put the button on the main position, and looked at Taigong Shen with a calm expression:
“This is a gift for you Shen family!”

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