Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 216

At this moment, the surroundings exclaimed.
No one thought that there would be such a crazy scene, it would take five steps to blood.
It just made them even more stunned.
Lin Fan didn’t dodge or avoid facing Zhou Xian who rushed over, just watched quietly.
That look was like a blue dragon watching how an ant struggled for its life.
Irony and disdain!
Zhou Xian felt the disdain in Lin Fan’s eyes, his anger grew stronger, and the fruit knife pierced Lin Fan’s body fiercely.
“Lin Fan, be careful!”
Bai Yi was taken aback, and immediately instinctively wanted to rush to Lin Fan to help him resist.
But at this moment!
“If you want to hurt Mr. Lin, it’s just… looking for death!”
A thunderous shout resounded.
Then everyone was stunned to see that a gray-robed old man beside Fei Changqing suddenly burst out like lightning.
His iron fist made a roar that exploded into the air.
Almost instantly, he hit the palm of Zhou Xian’s fallen hand!
A crisp sound came, and everyone saw that Zhou Xian’s wrist broke and deformed instantly under the fist of the gray-robed old man, like rotten wood.
And the fruit knife dropped to the ground with a’ding’.
It’s more than that!
Zhou Xian only felt a sharp pain in his wrist, and he wanted to retreat with panic.
However, he had just withdrawn a step, the gray-robed old man followed him like a shadow and flashed in front of him.
With a big hand, he grabbed Zhou Xian’s neck, like a little chicken, and raised it in midair.
Zhou Xian wanted to attack Lin Fan, but the gray-robed old man shot, interrupted his wrist, grabbed his neck and lifted it into the air!
Back and forth, only ten seconds.
After seeing this scene, everyone reacted with horror.
Everyone looked at the gray-robed old man’s gaze, full of horror and horror. He could be so relaxed and free, planning to capture the opponent by one’s wrist in the air, this is definitely a master.
And Zhou Xian was also shocked at this moment.
He only felt that the old man’s big hands were as hard as iron tongs, even if he used all his strength, it was difficult to break free.
“Ho ho ho…”
His breathing began to stagnate, his entire face flushed.
It’s more than that!
Under Zhou Xian’s resentful gaze, Lin Fan walked over as if looking at an ant.
“Mr. Lin, do you want the old man to help you and get rid of this guy?” The gray-robed old man Kong Sheng immediately said respectfully after seeing Lin Fan.
And this sentence shocked everyone.
Do it?
The people around could clearly feel that the gray-robed old man Kong Sheng was killing Zhou Xian.
It seemed that as long as Lin Fan said, Zhou Xian would definitely die.
Lin Fan just a touch of shook his head, mouth slightly Alice, laughing:
“! Crush an ant, what does that mean”
He stared directly at Zhou Xian:
“Are you hating me, tell Lin Dong?”
“Yes…yes…” Zhou Xian almost suffocated, his face flushed, but at the moment he nodded angrily.
When he heard this, Lin Fan shook his head and smiled, as if looking at an idiot, took a deep look at Zhou Xian, then turned and left.
Elder Gao walked up to Zhou Xian with a sigh, and a touch of complexity emerged in his eyes, and he whispered:
“Zhou Xian, you have offended the wrong person!”
“In fact, Lin Fan did not sue you!”
Zhou Xian’s eyes widened when he heard this, and he could hardly believe his ears.
No complaint?
how can that be.
It’s more than that!
The following words from the old man made Zhou Xianru struck by lightning:
“Because Lin Fan, is the owner of the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital-Lin Dong!”

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