Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 22

One prescription, reverse the situation!
The old lady is invited in person!
Draw Yang Meifeng wildly and expel the Shirakawa family!
……All this happened before my eyes, making Bai Yi, Baishan, and Shen Yumei seem like dreams.
Are these really done by your own waste son-in-law?
Shen Yumei was messed up.
In her three years of impressions, Lin Fan has always been stubborn, cautious, and humiliated on weekdays, even dare not even say a rebuttal.
But today, Lin Fan’s performance has completely subverted her worldview.
Bai Shan swallowed a spit, and then looked at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost, and asked,
“Xiao Fan , you…do you really know how to heal?”
He heard it with his own ears. Old man praised the resurrection pill. , Just the resurrection pill prescription, which took several years of old age, has not been analyzed.
Not to mention the mysterious refining technique.
But now, when Lin Fan went to the toilet, he wrote this shocking prescription, which is simply unimaginable.
Feeling the eyes of the three, Lin Fan’s mouth showed a sense of helplessness, and he shrugged slightly and said:
“Actually, I also saw this prescription from an ancient book!”
“It feels useful, so I wrote it down. , I didn’t expect it would really come in handy!”
Lin Fan just casually found an excuse.
Hearing this, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
That’s it.
The old couple was really afraid that their son-in-law would suddenly become strange and terrifying, and they didn’t know each other.
And now listening to these words, it is obvious that Lin Fan is also the blind cat and the dead mouse.
“Huh! Let’s count your brat! This time, it not only helped our family and relieved the risk of being deported! It also successfully entered the group, not bad!” Shen Yumei looked at Lin Fan at this moment, softened a lot.
After all, before Lin Fan helped herself out, slam Ma Zhitao and Yang Meifeng wildly, which really warmed her heart.
However, immediately after Shen Yumei seemed to feel that her attitude was too gentle, she couldn’t help her face sinking, and said bitterly:
“However, I warn you, don’t think you become the chief consultant of the group, you can be triumphant! Nothing! Really capable, you will be expelled from the group sooner or later. When that happens, you will come back to wash clothes and cook for your old lady, and continue to be a waste son-in-law! Humph!”
Shen Yumei turned and walked into the kitchen.
However, although her words were sour, the smile on the corner of her mouth gradually bloomed after entering the kitchen.
Smile so happy and gentle!
Bai Shan couldn’t help but winked at Lin Fan secretly, gave a thumbs up, and ran into the kitchen to help Shen Yumei cook.
The old couple of them are obviously extremely happy and plan to cook a big meal today to celebrate.
Only Bai Yi!
Her beautiful eyes looked straight at Lin Fan, full of complexity and strangeness.
She is not stupid.
Naturally, he wouldn’t believe that the shocking resurrection pill was really just what Lin Fan accidentally saw from the ancient books.
“Lin Fan, I know that you have your own secret! I won’t ask what the secret is!” That’s it!
Bai Yi’s pretty face turned red, lowered his head, and said in a low voice:
“But I hope you can remember that I am a wife and this is your home!”
A ray of red clouds had spread to Bai Yi’s ears, making her humiliated and quickly turned her head and left and entered her room.
See this scene!
The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth couldn’t help but appear a sweet arc.
His eyes turned, and he couldn’t help but look outside the empty door, and a playful color appeared in his eyes:
“Just now, the old guy standing outside the door seemed to recognize me!”

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