Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 220

Zhang Boyu’s eyes turned up and down on Bai Yi’s enchanting posture, and his heart became even more fiery.
At the moment, he quickly said:
“This time, I am going back to Jiang City to do something, Cai’er is here with me! Our brothers and sisters have not seen you for many years, so we come to invite you and uncle and aunt to have a meal together! ”
Zhang Boyu’s gaze turned, then he looked at Lin Fan, and in the depths of his eyes, a trace of hostility passed by, but the corner of his mouth smiled and said,
“Presumably this is Bai Yi’s husband, Lin Fan, right?”
“You Okay, my name is Zhang Boyu!”
Zhang Boyu stretched out his hand to Lin Fan.
But Lin Fan discovered that when Zhang Boyu stretched out his hand, his wrist secretly exerted strength, as if he was ready to go.
This scene made Lin Fan stunned for a moment. Then, a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he also stretched out his hand at the moment:
“Hello, my name is Lin Fan!”
After speaking, the two of them shook their hands. Are together.
After seeing this scene, the corners of Zhang Boyu’s and Zhang Cai’er’s lips showed a smug smile.
Only their siblings know that Zhang Boyu has practiced some kung fu in the past few years in Jiangnan City.
Normally, even a piece of wood, Zhang Boyu can easily crush it.
But now, the two brothers and sisters seemed to have seen that Lin Fan’s face was red with pain in his wrists, and he looked like anxious.
work hard!
In an instant, Zhang Boyu’s palm suddenly exerted force.
At the corner of his mouth, a look of expectation and sarcasm appeared.
But at this moment!
As soon as his smile appeared, it completely solidified. He only felt that what he was holding was not a palm at all, but more like a piece of steel.
Even letting him use the strength of feeding, he could not even hold Lin Fan’s palm at all.
“Damn it!”
Zhang Boyu didn’t expect to encounter hard stubble, and immediately he wanted to withdraw his palm.
But at this moment!
Zhang Boyu only felt that from Lin Fan’s palm, there was a strong force, like a meat grinder, squeezed it down against his palm, causing his bones to make a crisp sound, as if it would break at any time.
Zhang Boyu couldn’t help but let out a scream, the whole person instantly bowed down like cooked dried shrimp.
This scene made Zhang Cai’er’s complacency and sarcasm instantly stiff, and her complexion changed drastically:
“Let go! Lin Fan, what are you doing!!!” After speaking, Zhang Cai’er rushed to separate Lin Fan and Zhang Boyu.
Until then!
Only then did Zhang Cai’er see that her brother’s palm had actually pinched a blood stain on her five fingers.
If she dissuaded her a little slower, then Lin Fan’s palm of her brother would be crushed.
“This bastard…”
Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai’er were all startled, and then looked at Lin Fan angrily.
“Lin Fan, why are you doing this? My brother came all the way to invite your family to eat, and now shaking hands with you, you hurt him?”
“Are you still not a man?”
Zhang Cai’er had all the wrongdoing at this moment. All fell on Lin Fan’s head.
Not only her!
Baishan, Shen Yumei, and Bai Yi were also taken aback.
The same did not expect that Lin Fan would hurt someone just by shaking his hand.
“Xiaofan, you are a bit too much about this matter, how can you be so rude to the guests!”
“Yes, you stinky boy, what’s the matter today? Just come back, you put such a heavy hand on Boyu, you watch Bo Yu’s hands are all red by you!” The Bai Yi family didn’t know what happened.
At this moment, I just saw that Lin Fan hurt Zhang Boyu.
In an instant, all the anger was directed at Lin Fan.

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