Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 225 & 226

At this moment, looking at Bai Yi’s excited appearance, Zhang Boyu on the side suddenly smiled.
What he wants is this effect.
From the very beginning, he knew that Bai Yi liked Fanshen’s piano music the most, even obsessed.
Therefore, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money and invited Mo Yiran, who is best at the music of the gods, in China.
Use piano music to express your love for Bai Yi.
this moment!
Not only Bai Yi, but even the guests around the restaurant were all stunned when they saw Mo Yiran appear.
“Oh my god, this is Mo Yiran? She actually came, I rely on!”
“The granddaughter of the first pianist in China, Mo Lao, is known as the pianist who is best at playing the songs of the gods!”
“Idol, I like it too ! Fanshen’s song, my God, it’s so great!”
“…” The many customers around were completely sensational, and they were pleasantly surprised.
Especially, after they discovered that Mo Yiran was invited by Zhang Boyu, everyone applauded to Zhang Boyu to show their gratitude.
Zhang Boyu at this moment is simply the focus of everyone’s eyes.
High spirits!
Handsome and rich.
He extremely enjoyed the respected gaze of everyone. At this moment, he nodded to Bai Yi and all the customers, then handsomely raised his palm and patted gently.
With applause, Mo Yiran, who walked to the piano, suddenly understood, and then said into the microphone:
“Today, I am honored to accept the invitation of Mr. Zhang Boyu to come and play for everyone!”
“Next, I will play a song” “Gift to Fan”, dedicated to the beautiful and beautiful Miss Bai Yi! ”
Mo Yiran’s words made the customers below scream again and again.
Everyone turned their heads at this moment, looked at Bai Yi’s position, and once again thunderous applause.
At this moment, Bai Yi was extremely excited. How could she not be excited to hear her name from the mouth of an idol like Mo Yiran, and to play for herself.
When Lin Fan heard the name “The Love of Gift to Fan”, a strange look suddenly appeared on his face.
This is the piano piece he composed back then, without a name.
The four words Zengfan Zhilian were obviously named by Zhang Yichen, and Fan in it naturally refers to himself.
Now, Zhang Boyu actually used the piano music he composed and piano music with his words to give to his wife Bai Yi.
If Zhang Boyu understands, this guy is afraid that he will vomit blood with anger.
And at the moment!
The applause gradually calmed down, and all the customers stopped their meal and looked towards the stage one after another.
Until the whole restaurant is silent!
Mo Yiran’s finger moved, and a note suddenly came out.
With just one note, everyone can only feel the nerves in their body and jump slightly.
Mo Yiran’s fingers, like clouds and flowing water, played thoroughly.
The gentle and melodious rhythm, under her fingers, constantly floated to everyone’s ears, making everyone’s emotions completely calm and indifferent.
Everyone felt that the notes, like fingers, were tapping their nerves, allowing everyone to close their eyes comfortably and start enjoying the joy of this music.
Especially Bai Yi.
She really likes this song “The Love of Zengfan”!
In her heart, that god must be a god to compose such a beautiful and moving rhythm.
But she didn’t notice that Lin Fan frowned slightly after hearing this piano music.
This song was composed by him a few years ago.
But now it sounds, but there are some flaws,
Thinking of this, Lin Fan couldn’t help but shook his head and muttered to himself:
“Oh…when I wrote this piece, it seemed that I was still not good enough!”
“The rhythm has a sense of division, the tone has a sense of deviation, and it rises and falls through. A sense of flaws!”
Immediately after Lin Fan’s self-talking words fell, Mo Yiran’s finger on the stage paused, and the whole piano music stopped abruptly.
At this moment, everyone opened their eyes inexplicably, and looked at the stage in doubt.
But everyone found that Mo Yiran’s pretty face turned extremely gloomy and ugly at this moment.
Especially her eyes are like eagles and falcons, looking directly at Lin Fan’s direction:
“This gentleman, I seem to have heard that you have a lot of dissatisfaction and opinions about the “Love of Zengfan” I played?”
Everyone was startled, and then they looked at Lin Fan.
Even Bai Yi and others were all confused.
They heard Lin Fan’s self-talk, but all their attention was on the piano music. As for what Lin Fan said specifically, they didn’t hear it.
But at this moment, before Lin Fan could reply, Mo Yiran’s pretty face became more and more green:
“Every time, when I play the piano, my ears are the sharpest!”
“If it’s an ordinary noise , Has no effect on me, but this gentleman…”
Mo Yiran looked at Lin Fan’s gaze with icy coldness:
“What you are making is not noisy noise, nor dissatisfaction with my piano skills, but dissatisfaction and blasphemy with the divine song “The Love of Zengfan”!”
Mo Yiran’s words did not show any mercy, and their sharpness approached Lin Fan.
And when I heard that Lin Fan’s self-talking was blasphemy and dissatisfaction with “The Love of Zengfan”, even Bai Yi’s pretty face was instantly hard to see the extreme, Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes were angry. Surging:
“Lin Fan, how can you do this! Do you know that “The Love of Gifts to the Fan” is a divine song in the eyes of me and many Fanshen fans. If you don’t understand the piano, you can just stop talking nonsense here! ”
Bai Yi was extremely disappointed with Lin Fan at this moment.
She is not afraid of Lin Fan’s shabby, she is not afraid of Lin Fan’s incompetence!
But what made her most unbearable was that Lin Fan didn’t know how to pretend to understand, and even dared to blaspheme the divine song in their hearts in front of her and Mo Yiran fans!
This is simply too much!
And at the moment!
After seeing this unexpected situation, Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai’er next to them were not only not at all angry, but they were extremely ecstatic.
This is definitely an excellent opportunity to make Bai Yi hate Lin Fan.
Thought of this.
Brother and sister Zhang Boyu hurriedly accused Lin Fan:
“Lin Fan, this matter is indeed your fault . You should apologize to fans of the gods like Bai Yi and Miss Mo!”
“My brother is right, what are you? I don’t understand, I only know what qualifications do you have to eat the waste waiting to die, and question the piano music of the gods!”
With these accusations resounding!
The rest of the customers in the restaurant were extremely dissatisfied with Lin Fan.
After all, it was Lin Fan’s self-talk that caused them to be unable to hear Mo Yiran’s playing now, which was absolutely horrible.
At this moment, Lin Fan didn’t care about the accusations of everyone around him.
A pair of his eyes looked straight at Mo Yiran:
“Yes, what I said just now, this piano music has a sense of faulty rhythm, a sense of deviation, and a sense of imperfections in the rise and fall!”
Admit it!
When he heard Lin Fan’s words, the whole restaurant was in an uproar again, and everyone’s accusations against Lin Fan became more and more turbulent.
It was as if Lin Fan had become a public enemy in everyone’s eyes at this moment.
It’s just more than that!
With a playful smile on Lin Fan’s mouth, he said:
“So I suggest that this piano be improved!”
“The second bar, F/C raised, to D major!”
“The third bar, B lowered/ E/A, in E major!

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