Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 228

Still the love of gift fan!
When the rhythm just sounded, all the customers of the entire western restaurant were once again immersed in the influence of that wonderful music.
They are like wandering in the ocean of piano music, and their nerves are soothing and refreshing.
The first section is over.
When it came to the second bar, Mo Yiran raised the second bar, F/C, after D major.
Ding Ding Ding…
When the improved notes floated to the ears of every customer, everyone’s closed eyes opened one after another.
Because everyone can clearly feel the difference in the rhythm, if the previous rhythm is to relax them, then after the improvement, these notes will make all the cells in the customer’s body tremble. .
That’s right, it’s just a sense of trembling.
The same piano music, completely different music enjoyment.
Especially the overall music rhythm, in this change, seems to produce a kind of catalyst effect, so that the whole song, more perfect coordination.
how can that be!
Not only the many customers below feel incredible, even Mo Yiran, who plays the piano, has eyelids jumping wildly.
She is the player!
For the subtle changes in the rhythm, the perception is clearer.
She was shocked to discover that although it was only a small detail adjustment, this song “The Love of Gifts to Fan” had completely changed, as if it had been upgraded to a new level.
Even when she was playing, she could feel the cells in her body, as if she was cheering for joy, and she was totally excited by that small detail change.
Although Mo Yiran is still playing, she is completely instinct, and her brain is actually in a state of downtime.
She couldn’t believe it.
Someone actually used a detailed adjustment to improve the listening effect of “The Love of Gifts” to a new level.
“Could it be that his improvements can really make “Zengfan Zhilian” more perfect?”
Thought of this!
Mo Yiran was completely agitated, she just felt her breathing start to become rapid.
At the moment, with her playing, it quickly came to the third bar.
Especially, B/E/A flat, after E major!
When the notes fell, no matter it was Mo Yiran or the many customers below, everyone’s body trembled involuntarily.
This is a trembling from the soul.
It seems that the improved piano music is not just a simple ear enjoyment, it has completely turned into a soul movement that hits the human soul.
This feeling is too shocking.
Even the foreheads of many customers are covered with layers of sweat.
There was a physiological response.
And in this kind of soul shocking effect, “The Love of Zengfan” has reached its final climax!
The music is over!
At this moment, all the voices in the western restaurant disappeared.
No one spoke.
There was no sound.
Whether it was Mo Yiran in front of the piano or the customers below, they seemed to have been immersed in the shock of the music for a long time and couldn’t react.
Everyone felt a sense of suffocation.
If the previous “Love of Zengfan” was a divine comedy, now everyone can be sure that after improvement, it has reached the level of super god.
However, how could this be accomplished by a little Lin Fan in a few words!
Huh huh!
One after another, they looked in the direction of Lin Fan, and among those eyes, they all looked like another monster!

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