Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 238

And beside Zheng Xiong.
Big beads of sweat dripped from the black bear’s forehead.
He couldn’t believe that the dozen or so brothers who were alive and kicking were all annihilated by the kid in front of him.
This… damn it!
“Asshole! You actually abolished my brother of the black bear! I killed you! I want to beat you into flesh!”
After speaking, the black bear fell into a violent state.
The clothes on his body, under his raging anger, were torn apart one by one.
Then, like a real big black bear, he stepped forward and rushed towards Lin Fan!
“Death to Lao Tzu!” The words fell, and the big fist of the black bear waved towards Lin Fan’s head and slammed it.
To know!
The black bear once punched a bear to death.
It can be seen how terrifying his boxing power is.
And now, if Lin Fan was really hit by him, he would be shocked by his entire head.
An even more incredible scene appeared.
“Better than fist? Perfect you!”
After saying this, under everyone’s horrified eyes, Lin Fan threw the knife in his hand straight away, then clenched his hand into a fist and smashed it at the black bear. Huge fists, straight to meet.
are you crazy?
The surrounding customers were completely stunned. They couldn’t imagine that Lin Fan would throw away his most powerful knife and use his fist to fight the black bear.
This is simply an act of seeking death.
“It’s over, the black bear will blow Mr. Lin with one punch!” The onlookers looked pale, as if they had seen the brutal black bear knocking Lin Fan to the ground.
Not just them.
After seeing this scene, Zheng Xiong was even more ecstatic:
“Idiot! Hahaha, this guy turned out to be an idiot!”
In Zheng Xiong’s eyes, if Lin Fan uses a knife to deal with the black bear, then the black bear is very likely to end miserably. .
But now, Lin Fan lost his dinner knife, fist-to-fist, this is purely seeking death.
At this moment, Zheng Xiong’s face was grinning happily and terribly.
He couldn’t wait to hear Lin Fan’s screams.
A trace of cruelty flashed across the black bear’s eyes.
At the moment, the fist exerted force again, with a humming and breaking wind sound, slammed at Lin Fan!
Almost instantly!
One big and one small, two fists smashed together.
A shattering sound pierced through, instantly causing the hearts of everyone around him to beat fiercely.
The customers around had a deep wry smile at the corners of their mouths. They had known for a long time that Lin Fan and the black bear used fists against fists, and they definitely hit rocks with pebbles.
And Zheng Xiong almost collapsed with excitement.
But at this moment.
When the screams resounded, the smile on Zheng Xiong’s face instantly solidified.
“Ahhhhh… my hand! Boy, how could you interrupt my hand!”
The sound of this scream was filled with deep horror and disbelief.
Zheng Xiong and all the customers around realized that the injured person was not Lin Fan.
Instead, it is a black bear known for its infinite power.
His arm was broken, and his face was full of horror.
At this moment, not only was the black bear dumbfounded, but Zheng Xiong and all the customers beside him couldn’t believe his eyes.
How can it be!
Lin Fan was like a child in front of the black bear, weak and weak.
But his thin fist actually broke the black bear’s arm, which was incredible.

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