Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 248

Duan Chun’s words not only surprised Bai Yi, but also Zhang Boyu’s brother and sister.
You know, a VIP ticket has already been fired to more than 300,000.
And it’s hard to get a ticket.
Zhang Boyu couldn’t believe that his young master would be so generous and give away such an expensive ticket for nothing.
Immediately afterwards, Duan Chun said with an evil face: “Of course, there is one condition, that is, after the concert, you have to eat supper with me!”
Eat supper!
Anyone knows what these three words mean. This is because Duan Chun has taken a fancy to Bai Yi and wants to sleep with her.
What is even more incredible is that he arrogantly acted in front of the husband of this family, and said it directly, which was simply daring.
This is more than that.
Of pure if not the slightest fear, he continues to lure and said:
“!! Of course, I will not let you white with me if you want, I can arrange for you Pak Group and Maple Group immediately carry out in-depth cooperation.”
“You You know, our Red Maple Group is a well-known consortium throughout Jiangnan Province! You little Jiangshi, people who want to find us to cooperate are like crucian carp who cross the river!”
Duan Chun is full of confidence.
He seems to have extraordinary confidence in his family’s Red Maple Group.
Only after hearing his words, Bai Yi’s pretty face became somber and terrifying.
“Sorry, I have no interest in your VIP tickets!”
“I have no interest in your cooperation with Red Maple Group!”
Bai Yi’s words were resolute, and Duan Chun’s expression suddenly changed, and the gloomy fell.
“Okay! Really a spine woman, but the more you do this, the more you like Ben!” he said!
Of pure a VIP ticket will directly come up, then handed White Iraq:
“You do not want to accompany me, I do not insist, however, this VIP ticket, send you!!”
Of pure finish, a hand Song, like a beggar alms, threw the VIP ticket on the ground.
As if he had already calculated it, Bai Yi would definitely pick it up.
This is definitely a naked humiliation, trampling on Bai Yi’s dignity.
At the moment, Bai Yi flushed with anger.
But when she was about to get angry, she was stunned to see that Lin Fan stepped forward and picked up the VIP ticket on the ground.
“Lin Fan, you…”
Bai Yi was taken aback, then furious.
The other party was obviously humiliating himself, and Lin Fan actually went to pick it up, which almost lost his own people, and made Bai Yi extremely disappointed.
Not only her!
Duan Chun saw that the person who picked up the tickets turned out to be Bai Yi’s waste husband, and was even more happy:
“Hahaha… do you see it? The dog is hungry and will eat shit!”
“What? Boy? , Are you even a dog willing to do it for this ticket! This is more than 300,000 yuan, hahaha…”
Duan Chun smiled extremely happily, as if humiliating Lin Fan and giving him great pleasure .
And hear this!
The expressions of Bai Yi’s family were green, and they looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, shame and angry.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t care about all this. He patted the tickets and said with a smile:
“Hey, this VIP ticket is really valuable!”
“What a pity…”
Everyone was taken aback, and they didn’t understand what Lin Fan wanted to say.
At this moment, everyone was surprised to see!
A tearing sound came through, and that VIP ticket was instantly torn to pieces in Lin Fan’s hand, and then with a wave of his palm, it was thrown on Duan Chun’s face like rubbish.
“Unfortunately, in my eyes, this ticket is just like you, it’s such rubbish!”

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