Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 253

Time flies!
It was the next day in a blink of an eye.
The Jiangshi Gymnasium has been refurbished. At the gate of the entrance, there are huge posters of Zhang Yichen, the queen of Asia.
In particular, three flashing neon characters are hanging above the entrance.
Fan’s love!
Next to the neon big letters, there is a hand-painted back poster.
This is the back of a man!
He showed his side face and couldn’t see his real face, but only one eye that was drawn was deep and evil.
Wearing a jet black windbreaker, the whole person exudes a cold and evil temperament.
He is Zhang Yichen’s benefactor-Fanshen!
An object that countless people admire and admire.
When the brothers and sisters Bai Yi, Lin Fan and Zhang Boyu came to the gymnasium, they were immediately attracted by the hand-painted posters of “Fan Shen”.
“Is this the Fanshen? It is said that this is Zhang Yichen himself hand-painted the poster!”
“Oh my God, Fanshen is so handsome…”
Bai Yi, as a die-hard fan of the Fanshen Fan Club, was very excited when he saw the poster of his idol His face flushed.
When Zhang Boyu’s brother and sister saw the side face of this god, they were slightly taken aback.
“Bai Yi, have you noticed that this Fan God’s profile is somewhat like Lin Fan?” Zhang Boyu frowned and said in doubt.
Next to him, Zhang Cai’er had a pair of eyes.
She kept looking back and forth on Lin Fan’s side face and Fanshen’s side face, with an incredible expression on her face: “My brother is right! It’s so alike! Bai Yi Sister, isn’t Lin Fan really a mortal god? Hahaha…”
Zhang Caier said, bursting into laughter first.
She was just joking.
Naturally, I would not think that such a big figure as Fanshen, who is worshipped as a god by fans all over the world, would be a door-to-door son-in-law like Lin Fan.
Hearing the words of the brother and sister, Bai Yi on the side was also slightly dazed.
When she compared the side faces of Fanshen and Lin Fan, there was an incredible look on the same pretty face: “Lin Fan, you…you really look like my idol, Fanshen?”
“This is a coincidence!”
Having said this.
For some reason, Bai Yi had an incredible thought in his mind.
Could it be… where the god is Lin Fan?
Zhang Yichen gave himself Super VIP tickets, also for Lin Fan?
Bai Yi’s thought just emerged, she shook her head and threw the thought out of her mind.
After all, in her eyes, a character like Fanshen, who can compose a piano piece casually, can make a sensation in the global piano world, and easily write a song that can shock the entertainment circle.
How could such a character be his husband Lin Fan?
Right now, just when everyone is thinking about it.
There was a playful voice next to it, but it came over:
“Yeah! Isn’t this Bai Yi’s cousin? What? Are you coming to the concert too?” Hearing this voice, the Bai Yi four couldn’t help but look around.
Suddenly saw a young couple standing not far from them.
The young man looks fair and gentle, but his face is full of contempt and mockery.
Seeing this person, Bai Yi’s complexion was slightly ugly.
This person is her cousin.
Uncle Shen Jian’s son Shen Jie.
Some time ago, Lin Fan’s family went to the engagement banquet, which was the engagement ceremony of Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao.
“Cousin!” Although Bai Yi was extremely disliked by this person, he bit his head and said hello.
And at the moment!
Shen Jie’s gaze turned to Lin Fan, his eyes suddenly cold:
“You are the rubbish Lin Fan? You killed my Shen family and lost the Fei family’s super order!”
Hearing these two words, Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“I am Lin Fan, hello, waste!”

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