Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 255

“That… is that Lin Fan?”
At this moment, Shen Jie looked at the four figures at the entrance, he almost suspected that he was blinded.
Lin Fan, how could this guy come in.
Does he have a vote?
But how is this possible.
Not only him, but Zhou Xiao, his girlfriend next to him, with a look of astonishment, and asked Shen Jie:
“Shen Jie, didn’t you just say that Bai Yi didn’t have time to buy tickets? Is it even more impossible for Lin Fan to buy tickets? Then they……”
At this moment, both Shen Jie and his girlfriend Zhou Xiao felt hot on their faces.
After all, just now, when they came in they were still laughing at Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and even told Bai Yi to listen to them later.
But who would have thought that people would have the same votes.
Shen Jie thought of his sullen appearance and wanted to slap himself severely.
“!! Well have great tickets ah, we also have”
Shen Jie ferocious stare Lin Fan et al direction, then said:
“!! Man and the woman must be around to help them buy do not control them,”
said After that, Shen Jie turned his head straight and ignored it.
But, just for a moment, Zhou Xiao, his girlfriend next to him, screamed:
“Shen Jie, you… look at it, Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s tickets don’t seem to be scattered, how can they go in the direction of the VIP ahead? Go!”
Shen Jie was taken aback when he said this.
The VIP position, I am afraid that only the second generation ancestors in the province can buy it.
And Lin Fan and Bai Yi, even the scattered tickets may not be the masters they bought, how could they have VIP tickets.
At the moment, Shen Jie quickly looked again.
Suddenly, I saw that the four of Baiyi walked through the scattered ticket area talking and laughing, and walked towards the VIP area.
At the entrance of the VIP area, there are several inspectors.
“Fake, it must be fake! Those inspectors will definitely not let them in!”
Shen Jie clenched his fists nervously.
After all, if the four of Lin Fan were really VIPs, then his face would be lost.
Shen Jie’s prayers were obviously useless.
He was shocked to see that after the inspectors had read the tickets of the four people, their complexions changed a lot, and then they actually bowed and invited Lin Fan and the others in.
Shen Jie only felt like he had been slapped in the face again, making him ashamed and angry.
“Asshole! Bai Yi, a dead girl, obviously has a VIP ticket, so she didn’t tell me, which made me so embarrassed!”
Shen Jie’s face was gloomy.
He even blamed Bai Yi who was mocked by him.
That’s a VIP ticket!
The second generation ancestor in the province can only obtain a value of more than 300,000 yuan, and Lin Fan and four people are equivalent to 1.2 million.
This is so…
Shen Jie’s eyes are full of unwillingness.
But at this moment, Zhou Xiao, his girlfriend next to him, uttered an incredible scream:
“No…impossible! They are not VIP areas, they are still moving forward!”
As soon as he said this, Shen Jie’s jaw almost fell off.
Not a VIP?
Still going forward?
This… how is this possible, in front of the VIP, but the location of the four super VIPs.
Could it be… As if thinking of incredible things, Shen Jie hurriedly looked forward again.
Suddenly they saw that Lin Fan and his party of four, under the horror, envy, jealousy, and puzzled eyes of all the spectators such as scattered tickets, VIPs, etc., actually slowly passed through the VIP area and walked towards the entrance of the super VIP.

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