Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 256

When they showed their tickets to the inspectors!
Everyone saw that those inspectors actually bowed to the four of Lin Fan, and then an inspector led one of them towards their respective super VIP areas.
At this moment, after seeing this scene, Shen Jie only felt like he was bombarded by five thunders.
He was completely dumbfounded.
“Lin Fan and Bai Yi turned out to be super VIP tickets! How could this be possible!”
Shen Jie’s eyelids were jumping wildly.
He knows clearly that the price of a Super VIP ticket has been fired to millions, and it is impossible to buy it.
In the eyes of him and all his fans, only the world’s top idol stars, or China’s top leaders, can get it.
But now…four!
All fell into the hands of four little-known figures in Lin Fan, which simply subverted Shen Jie’s three views.
At this moment, it is not only Shen Jie.
All the scattered ticket fans and VIP fans who have been seated also saw this scene one after another, and instantly exploded.
“Oh my God, who are those four people? They are not the big names in the entertainment industry, nor the top stars in the world! How can they have super VIP tickets!”
“That woman, I know! She is the president of the Bai Group Bai Yi, known as the President of Jiang City’s No. 1 Beauty!”
“The Bai Group? No, the Bai Group is just a second-rate group in this small third-tier place in Jiang City! How could it be possible to have super VIP treatment!”
“… ”
Confused, shocked, puzzled!
Almost every fan can’t understand why Lin Fan and the four have super VIP tickets.
“Damn it, it’s hidden so deeply!”
Shen Jie’s expression was so ugly at this moment.
This is not a question of face slaps!
This is to take his face to life.
Thinking that he was a fan of scattered tickets, and even laughed at other super VIP guests, Shen Jie could not find a place to sew in.
Time passed slowly when everyone discussed the identities of the four Lin Fans.
When all fans are seated.
The lights in the entire stadium suddenly dimmed, and all the noise and discussions suddenly disappeared completely.
With tens of thousands of fans, everyone knows that the concert is about to begin.
The lights slowly turned on again, and then a piano piece followed.
Listening to this familiar melody, many fans below were suddenly excited.
“Zhenfan Zhilian! It really is the opening song, huh? No, how do you feel that this song is different from the previous one!”
“Oh my God, this song has been changed, but it sounds better than the previous one!”
“My The cells are trembling! I remembered that a video on Twitter went viral a few days ago. It is said that a person in Jiangshi improved the “Love of Gifts to All” and caused a sensation in the piano world around the world! This is the song! ”
With the performance of “The Love of Zengfan”, many fans below completely exploded.
Many people have already remembered that this piano piece is the one that made a sensation in the entire piano circle and even won the praise of the president of the Global Piano Association.
Especially for all fans, there was a lot of discussion that the person who improved this song turned out to be a person in a small third-tier city.
This is even more incredible.
But they don’t know!
The person who improved “The Love of Gifts” is now sitting in the super VIP massage chamber, massaging and listening to music.
Bai Yi next to him had a pair of beautiful eyes, looking in the direction of Lin Fan, the tenderness in his eyes couldn’t hide.
Even Zhang Boyu and Zhang Cai’er next to them looked at the location of Lin Fan, with deep complexity and shock.
I’m afraid that no one would have thought that this piano piece that shocked the world was actually improved by a son-in-law.
Thought of this!
The corners of Zhang Boyu’s lips showed a deep wry smile and complexity.

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