Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 258

Zhang Yichen!
Following the scream of a fan, everyone below suddenly saw that in the rain of roses, a girl in a snow-white dress, hanging Wia, slowly flew down from the sky above the stage. Come.
It’s like floating like an immortal, not cannibalistic.
She is the little Asian queen, the goddess of the Chinese nation-Zhang Yichen!
Until Zhang Yichen fell on the stage against the backdrop of the sky full of rose petals.
She took the lead down and bowed.
Especially when he opened his mouth, the whole concert was blown up again.
“Thank you all for coming to join the Fanzhilian concert. In addition, thank you for the arrival of a special audience!”
“He is… Fanshen!”
This word came out.
In the entire stadium, tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans, all the comments and praise and cheers came to an abrupt end.
Whether it’s the rich, young and big guys in the VIP area, or the many fans and spectators in the scattered ticket area, they can hardly believe what they heard?
Where… Where is God?
The stadium, which is full of tens of thousands of people, is silent. Everyone looks at me and I look at you, with an unbelievable face.
Sitting in front of a big brother entertainment of VIP, now severely swallowed a mouthful of spittle, facing the people around, incredible asked:
“?? I just heard something where …… Where God is coming”
“I … I seem to have heard it too? But how is this possible!”
Not just the VIP area!
Many fans in the scattered ticket area at the back were even more embarrassed and surprised.
Huh huh!
With tens of thousands of gazes, they all looked at Zhang Yichen on the stage, seeming to be asking, seeming to confirm.
And see this scene!
Zhang Yichen’s pretty face was also full of excitement and excitement. He nodded and said seriously:
“Everyone heard it right, I just said it!”
“Today, we will have a special guest at our concert, he, It is the creator of all my masterpieces, who changed my destiny and gave me a new life-the god! ”
As the confirmed words fell, the whole concert almost just started, and it fell into a climax.
Countless noises and cheers, from every corner, the black pressure, boiling up.
“Oh my God! Fanshen, is he finally going to show his face?”
“My idol, I chased Zhang Yichen for three years of concerts, and every one of them was not absent, so that I could see my idol, the gods. And now, he…coming!”
The sound of the entire concert was overwhelming, as if an earthquake occurred, shaking the entire stadium slightly.
Not only everyone.
In the super VIP area, Bai Yi and Zhang Boyu, brothers and sisters, heard that the gods had come, and the three of them stood upright in excitement.
Especially Bai Yi!
She held her small mouth tightly with her hand, her excited eyes were a little wet red:
“Fan…Fan God! Is the idol finally showing up?” Bai Yi’s body trembled a little.
And see this scene!
Lin Fan on the side could not help but twitch his mouth slightly.
I sleep in the same room with you every day, inseparable from you every day, silly wife, are you so excited to be like this?
Although Lin Fan complained in his heart, looking at Bai Yi’s excited appearance, a touch of contemplation appeared in his eyes.
“Perhaps, I should satisfy my wife’s wish!”
Lin Fan finished!
Can’t help but look at the stage above, as if making up his mind to make some kind of decision.

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