Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 259

At this moment, looking at the excitement of many fans below.
Zhang Yichen’s emotions became more and more excited.
Her pair of eyes swept across Lin Fan’s direction deeply, and then continued to say to everyone below:
“I know, since my first concert, many of you have been with me. Waiting!”
“Waiting for one after another! Up to now, it has been three years, 36 concerts! Just to meet the idol of all of us!”
“Today, he is coming!” That’s it!
Zhang Yichen’s beautiful eyes swept past Bai Yi’s position insignificantly, and a trace of loss appeared on her pretty face : “Although, I don’t know if Fanshen will appear on this stage tonight. ! ”
” but I thank him! thank all of you! ”
Zhang Yichen bowed deeply in the direction of Lin Fan below.
Seeing the emotions of the 10,000 fans below this scene, they were once again completely mobilized. Everyone waved their hands and cheered excitedly:
“Fan God!!!”
“Fan God!!!”
“Fan God!!!”
Sounds swept through the gym like a mountain whistling a tsunami.
It seems that everyone is expecting that their idol, the God, can appear on the stage.
Especially Bai Yi!
Although she is sitting in the position of a super VIP, she is still like all fans, waving her jade hand and cheering in the name of the “Van God”.
Looking forward to seeing my idol.
In the cheers of the crowd, the sound of music sounded again.
This is “The Straw in Despair”!
“The Caribbean sea breeze is whistling and howling. I thought this day was the end of my destiny, but I didn’t want to. It became a glorious starting point for you!”
“Salvation in despair brings me a lifetime of thoughts…”
Zhang Yichen’s beautiful voice slowly resounded along with the accompaniment.
Sentence after sentence!
In the lyrics, there is a kind of despair, but also a kind of hope.
Especially, there is a longing for a person in that voice.
Year by year!
day after day!
She was waiting, waiting for his arrival.
They are also waiting, waiting for him to come to power.
It seems that Zhang Yichen’s emotions have been affected. All the fans in the stadium also began to sing loudly with Zhang Yichen:
“That year, that day, the Caribbean beach, that was the first time we met…”
Thousands of people sang.
The high-pitched voice seemed to pierce the sky and go straight into the sky.
Especially when many people sang and started to cry.
This is not a simple song, it represents the youth of many people.
And all gods are like idols that guide their youth and bring them supreme light.
Super VIP seat.
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes were red, and tears almost overflowed into her eyes. While choking, she followed the crowd singing loudly, while muttering to herself:
“Will the gods come on stage?”
“I really want to hear him play a piano piece in person…”
Bai Yi’s words were extremely slight.
However, Lin Fan Erli, but it is extraordinary, after he heard these words, not help the body slightly shocked, he closes his eyes, Lin Fan’s mouth emerges a touch of wry smile:
“It seems, do not have to die on!”
Thought Here.
Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes and made up his mind.
He looked up at the stage now.
And until then.
Lin Fan found out that Zhang Yichen on the stage was choking and singing. Her beautiful eyes stared at herself, ticking tears, like beads with broken threads, from her eyes. In, constantly falling.
Expecting but uneasy.
Missing but dare not meet.

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