Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 268

But Bai Yi did not find out.
After hearing her voice of embarrassment, whether it was Lin Fan or Zhang Boyu, the corners of their lips twitched fiercely.
If God really agrees, I am afraid that it will be too late for you to cry.
The concert is still going on, just songs, one more sad than one.
What made Zhang Boyu tremble even more.
He found that while singing, Zhang Yichen’s beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan in the super VIP position from time to time.
It really is him!
Zhang Boyu’s body was trembling, and he thoroughly understood how the national goddess Zhang Yichen would notice Bai Yi, a little fan.
It turns out that everything is because of… Lin Fan!
“Fan God?”
Zhang Boyu looked at Lin Fan’s position, and his expression was full of loneliness and complexity.
If you say that Lin Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law, with his Zhang Boyu’s talent and ability, he can compete with Lin Fan for Bai Yi.
But Lin Fan is a mortal god…
How can he fight?
Suddenly, Zhang Boyu’s heart was completely messed up, and his feelings towards Lin Fan changed from the previous hostility to complexity, from complexity to admiration.
after all!
If you think about it in another way, if you are a mortal god, then it is absolutely impossible to be so low-key, let alone swallow in the Bai family like this.
But Lin Fan did it!
“Perhaps, this is the difference between ordinary gods and ordinary people!”
Zhang Boyu shook his head, and he also lost thoughts to Bai Yi in his heart.
At this moment, the concert is in a sad atmosphere until the end.
A famous fan, with a strong complex emotion, left the stadium.
This concert is too special.
From the beginning, the improved piano music shocked everyone, and then the gods appeared and made everyone crazy.
After that!
They witnessed with their own eyes that their goddess Zhang Yichen confessed failure.
It can be said that this is definitely a concert that they will never forget.
Even after ten or twenty years.
They will still remember that the ensemble of two super idols made them seem to have experienced a splendid and exciting life.
They still can’t forget that Zhang Yichen’s tears of reluctance but determination to wait before Fanshen leaves.
This is our eternal youth.
After Bai Yi and his party left the stadium.
Zhang Boyu will be facing the White Yi Lin Fan and said:
“! Thank White Iraq, Mr. Lin Fan you for inviting me to see brothers and sisters concert, thank you!”
I said!
Zhang Boyu unexpectedly bowed deeply to Lin Fan while Bai Yi and Zhang Cai’er were stunned, then took his sluggish sister and left straight away.
This scene made Bai Yi a long time unable to react.
After a long time.
Then she looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous expression on her face and asked,
“Lin Fan, what have you done? How come I see that Brother Boyu seems shocked, scared and complicated to you?”
“You two, it happened. Is there something we don’t know?”
Bai Yi knows that Zhang Boyu is arrogant. You can tell from the fact that he wants to confess himself in the western restaurant in front of Lin Fan.
And now!
Just a concert.
Zhang Boyu’s attitude towards Lin Fan went from contempt to the current awe, which is simply unbelievable.
Heard this!
Lin Fan couldn’t help but shrugged with a faint smile:
“My wife, maybe I am handsome and handsome, and the extraordinary character has conquered him!”
“After all, sometimes I indulge in my beauty and can’t help myself for a long time!”
Bai Yi: “…”

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