Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 272

At the same time, the roar of an engine, behind Shen Yumei and the little beggar, roared, but it was a BMW car rushing .
This BMW didn’t slow down at all. On this narrow road, the speed definitely reached more than 120, like a wild horse galloping in, almost in the blink of an eye, it wanted to rush to Shen Yumei and the little beggar.
That’s it!
At this moment, Shen Yumei and the little beggar were completely frightened.
A kind of despair from the heart, emerged from their hearts.
The two knew almost instantly that they were dead!
Not only them!
At this moment, the vendors and pedestrians next to them were all stunned.
They want to scream, want to save, but it’s not enough!
In an instant, the BMW car rushed violently in the direction where Shen Yumei and the little beggar were staying, and then creaked on the ground in front, marking a tire scratch more than ten meters long.
do you died?
When everyone around saw this scene, they all felt their heart twitch. , Being rammed by a BMW car is almost certain to die.
In particular, these are two living lives.
Immediately afterwards, everyone was stunned to find that there was no trace of blood on the front of the BMW car on the ground.
Everyone was shocked, one by one they could hardly believe their eyes.
After all, at the speed of more than 120, how could Shen Yumei and the little beggar not die!
Just after that!
Everyone saw that on the side of the road, a young man didn’t know when, appeared here, and threw Shen Yumei and the little beggar to the ground.
this scene completely dumbfounded everyone beside him.
They saw with their own eyes that the young man was several meters away from Shen Yumei at the moment the BMW rushed over.
In other words, the moment he saved someone, the speed is probably comparable to the 120 BMW.
This is so… how is it possible!
Everyone around was stunned.
Not only them!
“I… am I dead?”
Shen Yumei closed her eyes tightly.
But for some reason, she only felt the cold ground, but did not feel any pain in her body.
How is this going?
Shen Yumei and the little beggar opened their eyes at the same time.
Suddenly the two of them saw that Lin Fan didn’t know when he appeared beside them.
“Mom! Little girl! Are you okay?”
Lin Fan’s expression turned pale.
If he reacted slowly just now, then the only bodies on the ground now were Shen Yumei and the little beggar.
“Xiao…Xiao Fan, did you save me?” Shen Yumei’s voice trembled.
Just now, she thought she was going to die, but now… how is this possible.
Not only her!
The little beggar was also completely stunned. She looked at Lin Fan blankly, as if looking at a god descending into the sky.
He couldn’t help but stretched out his dirty little hand, touched Lin Fan’s face, and asked milkily:
“Big…Big brother, are you a god in the sky?”
Hear this!
Lin Fan smiled, rubbed his help small beggar’s head:
“Big Brother is a man, not God!”
In Lin Fan’s gaze, a chill surged:
“Unfortunately, some people are not worthy of being human!” After the words fell, Lin Fan’s gaze turned, and he couldn’t help but look at the BMW car parked in front. The curvature of the corner of his mouth became like this. Terrible!

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