Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 276

In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan.
Even Shen Yumei and the little beggar both looked at Lin Fan. In the hearts of everyone, this matter absolutely has nothing to do with Lin Fan!
Take the other way, return the other body!
Don’t be too 6!
“Brothers, it’s obviously your car, which crashed my new BMW car, why do you bite it back!” The fat man was full of anger and questioned the big guys.
It’s just that his words just uttered!
A slap slapped the fat man’s fat face fiercely.
“Fuck your mother! Our brothers have seen it all. It is clear that you are touching the porcelain and hitting our car!”
“Now you are spitting blood and beating me!” With the roar of the leading man!
Six or seven sturdy men surrounded the fat man in an instant, then punched the fat man fiercely, smashing down there frantically.
Puff puff!
Everyone saw that in the blink of an eye, the fat man was beaten with blood on his face and screamed.
Especially a few sturdy men, without the slightest hold of hands, for a while, the fat man was dripping with blood and his skin was ripped apart.
Wen Qian was stunned.
She couldn’t think that this thing had happened so much!
They wronged Lin Fan and others before!
And now, he was wronged by others in a blink of an eye!
What’s so… As if thinking of something, Wen Qian suddenly screamed, shouting to the passersby around:
“Come on! Help! You guys help me out for justice, is there any king law now? Obviously they ran into our car, and now they are hitting people!”
“God, there is justice in this world. Is there justice?”
Wen Qian cried sadly to the passers-by.
She hoped that people around her could stand up and be fair to her and the fat man.
After hearing her words. The passers-by suddenly sneered:
“Cut! We didn’t see anything, just saw that you and the fat man were touching porcelain!”
“Yes! You almost killed someone before, and you are still arguing! Now the retribution is coming! ”
Hahaha…Happily, call me!”
The passers-by around shouted happily.
And this scene made Wen Qian’s pretty face. It became more and more pale: “It’s crazy, you are all crazy!”
“Do you know who my boyfriend is?”
“He is the younger brother of the Iron-faced Wolf! You dare to beat the younger brother of the Iron-faced Wolf, you are done. You are dead!”
When Wen Qian’s words fell, the big guys who shot suddenly paused slightly.
Everyone’s face was full of surprises.
It’s more than that!
Fatty took advantage of this time, and quickly got up from the ground with a face covered in blood.
Then, while wiping the blood on his face, he shouted at the big guys : “Okay! You are really amazing!”
“I’ll tell my eldest brother in a moment, no matter who you are, no matter who you are behind Who! I will kill you all!”
The fat man turned his eyes and stared straight at Lin Fan. His fat face was full of resentment and viciousness:
“And you, this stinky boy! You did all this. Ghost!”
“Wait! My eldest brother, Iron-faced Gray Wolf, will definitely not let you go. You are over, your wife is over, and your family is over! Hahahaha…” The fat man laughed wildly.
Especially with the scarlet blood on his face, it made him look like a devil and terrifying.
Haven’t waited for Lin Fan to reply!
At Shen Yumei next to her, her cell phone rang instantly.

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