Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 279

Meet the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!
After hearing these words from Lin Fan.
Shen Yumei, the little beggars around, and even the sturdy men and others, could not believe their ears.
After all, Lin Fan had just beaten the fat man to death. If the Iron-faced Gray Wolf knew, he would definitely get revenge on his brother.
But at this time, Lin Fan went, isn’t this looking for death?
The Wolf Hall, but the base camp of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, is afraid that there are no less than a hundred black boxers inside.
Even if it is the Black Tiger, the god of war in Jiangshi, if he goes alone, he is definitely dead or alive.
And now…
“Xiao Fan…”
“Big Brother!”
“Mr. Lin!”
Whether it was Shen Yumei, the little beggar, or the sturdy men, all of them looked ugly to the extreme and wanted to persuade Lin Fan. .
It’s just that Lin Fan waved his hand and held everyone’s words in his mouth.
He just looked at Wen Qian, as if looking at an ant crawler.
“Lin…Lin Fan, you, are you sure you want to go to the wolf hall to meet the iron-faced gray wolf?”
Wen Qian also looked confused at this moment, as if she couldn’t believe what she heard.
She had personally seen the Iron-faced Gray Wolf and the group of terrifying black fighters in the wolf hall.
Those people are murderers who eat people without spitting out bones.
With one enemy ten, it’s easy.
Lin Fan is definitely seeking a dead end.
Especially, when Wen Qian saw that Lin Fan nodded, it was after confirmation.
Wen Qian was instantly overjoyed. Her pretty face was full of resentment and happiness:
“Okay! Lin Fan, you asked for it!”
“At that time, if you die there, you will be Bai Yi , Don’t blame me! After all, you asked me to take you there!”
After that, Wen Qian looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, becoming more and more weird, as if looking at an idiot, looking at a corpse.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t care about all this.
He turned his head to face Shen Yumei and said:
“Mom, you are here to wait for me, and I will come as soon as I go!”
Lin Fan said very relaxedly, and this sentence fell in Wen Qian’s ears, making her mouth curl. Looking at Lin Fan’s gaze, it became more and more like an idiot.
Just come here?
I’m afraid you will never return!
“Xiao Fan, can you be alone?” Shen Yumei could tell that Bai Yi was definitely in trouble.
Moreover, it must have something to do with the Wolf Hall, otherwise, Lin Fan would not be so excited.
“Mom, don’t worry! With me, Bai Yi will be there!”
Lin Fan patted Shen Yumei’s palm, his eyes deep and raging crazy.
See this scene!
For some reason, Shen Yumei’s worried heart gradually calmed down.
After all, there are too many miracles that my son-in-law gave to my family.
And now, she can only choose to believe!
“Okay! Then I’ll go buy two black-bone chickens , go home to make good soup, waiting for you and Bai Yi!” There were already a little tear in Shen Yumei’s eyes, and she held Lin Fan’s hand tightly. , His voice trembled: “Xiao Fan, remember, no matter what happens! You must take care of yourself!”
“Bai Yi is my daughter, but you are also my son-in-law! I don’t want you to do anything for Bai Yi, otherwise, I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life!”
Shen Yumei said sincerely.
And this sentence made Lin Fan’s heart surge:
“Mom, don’t worry!”
Lin Fan wanted to leave.
Just at this moment!
“Big brother, I’ll accompany you!” The little beggar stood up, her dirty little face was full of stubbornness and determination.
Not only her!
Even some passersby around came out one by one.

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