Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 280

“I’ll go too! I’m an eyewitness to this incident! I can testify for you!”
“I don’t believe me, there is no justice in this world! Almost killed someone, so arrogant, let’s go to the wolf together Ask for justice in the museum!”
Passers-by followed Lin Fan.
For all this, Lin Fan did not refuse.
He just bent down and grabbed the fat man’s feet, as if pulling a dead dog and walking forward.
And looking at Lin Fan and the others, behind the farther and farther back.
Shen Yumei couldn’t help covering her mouth, tears falling down her eyes:
“Xiao Fan, Bai Yi, you must come back safely!”
Shen Yumei was praying!
The sturdy men next to each other looked at each other dignifiedly.
“Go! Go back and report to Master Dao! Mr. Lin went to the wolf hall!” “Quickly! Go back and report to Master Tiger, the BOSS is going to meet the Iron-faced Gray Wolf!”
These sturdy men didn’t stay at all.
One by one got into the black cars.
Then, between the start, the two cars galloped away in two directions, one north and one south!

At the same time!
In the North City, there is a resplendent club named-Willow Leaf Flying Sword!
The name sounds like martial arts, but in fact, this is a private club, only open to a very small number of members.
The reason why many Jiangshi bosses dare not set foot here is that this is the lair of the North City overlord Dao Ye!
In a box.
Master Dao put his arms around two enchanting beauties, smoking a cigar while watching the video.
This is the video of Zhang Yichen’s concert.
When he saw the god inside!
A trace of incredible luster splashed in the eyes of Master Dao:
“Oh my God! It is him! It is definitely him!”
Master Dao said incoherently excited at this moment.
And hear this!
The Sanggou and others standing behind the sofa couldn’t help but curiously asked:
“Master Dao, who are you talking about?”
“Mr. Lin, of course!” Master Dao took a sigh of cigar, as if to excite his heart. Suppress the love, point to the mortal god in the video, and say to the brothers like Sanggou:
“Look! This is the mortal god of the world, isn’t it Mr. Lin?”
Although Sanggou and others are reckless, they have naturally heard the name of the gods.
Even many songs composed by Fanshen are regarded as classics.
At the moment, Sangou and a group of people immediately gathered around, when they watched the mortal god who played the piano on the video!
Everyone felt their scalp numb.
Lin Fan!
Whether it was the bereaved dog or the little brothers around, they had personally fought against Lin Fan.
Even if it is a common god, they can be sure that only half of their face is leaked.
Because in their lives, Lin Fan’s face is simply the nightmare they will never get rid of.
“Fan God is Mr. Lin! Oh my God, I actually fought the great Fan God before!”
“Hahaha…Idol, although I was abolished by Mr. Lin before, it’s really worth it!”
“…” At this moment, Sangou and others were incoherent in excitement.
Just looking at their expressions.
Master Dao smiled and shook his head.
Because only he knew that Lin Fan’s identity was not just as simple as that of God.
Master Dao even doubted.
Lin Fan is the genius doctor of Lin, because he has personally seen Gao Zhiyuan, the number one Chinese medicine doctor in Jiang City, and Mike, a madman in western medicine, treat Lin Fan with respect.
He also suspected that Lin Fan had an unpredictable mysterious relationship with Tianlong Group and Shengshi Club.

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