Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 286

Seeing this big man and the many customers below, he immediately cheered!
“The Eighth Master is mighty, kill this arrogant boy, remember… beheaded!”
“Hahaha…This kid is over, the Eighth Master is in the wolf hall, but the top ten fighters can definitely get a KO! ”
That is, the eighth master had won all ten battles before, and finally lost under the hands of the wolf master! Otherwise, his ranking will definitely be in the top five!”
Numerous shouts and discussions came and went one after another.
And when you hear these words.
Whether it was Bai Yi in the iron box, or the little beggar and others below, all of them raised their throats.
In the wolf hall, one hundred black boxers, this eighth master, ranked in the top ten!
It shows its horror!
Especially, the opponent’s trick-decapitation!
It makes people shudder at the first hearing!
Da da da!
At this moment, Ba Ye listened to the cheers of the people below, and could not help raising his hands, and greeted a famous black boxer and a customer below.
He didn’t seem to put Lin Fan in his eyes at all. He shook his head and shook his legs, doing exaggerated movements, as if he was teasing a small prey!
And his exaggerated action immediately caused the crowd watching below to cheer again.
Everyone can’t wait to see Lin Fan being knocked out by Baye.
Just when Baye was the most beautiful and the audience was the most enthusiastic.
Lin Fan’s unsavory words came again:
“One is too few! Why, let’s go together!”
Lin Fan’s words seemed to have turned on the mute switch, causing all the cheers in the wolf hall to freeze instantly.
Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Eighth Master, Wen Qian, Little Beggar, and others all couldn’t believe their ears.
One after another, they all looked at Lin Fan!
As if watching a lunatic!
It’s like watching a fool again!
One too few?
Let’s go together?
After the response, the people completely exploded the pot, and the expressions of the people were filled with a thick shock and disbelief.
However, I couldn’t believe that this thin guy was so arrogant that he was about to die.
The corners of Wen Qian’s mouth showed a thick arc of pleasure.
“Idiot! Hahaha…what an idiot! Lin Fan, this guy, doesn’t know how big the gap between ordinary people and black fighters is!”
“It can be said that the black fighters are deadly, and they can kill Lin with just one blow. Where this idiot is maimed or even killed!”
The contempt at the corner of Wen Qian’s mouth was extremely rich.
And at this moment!
“Little bastard, you dare to look down on my bastard! You…damn it!” A roar burst out from the ring.
Everyone saw that Ba Ye had blown up his hair!
He looked like a beast that was thoroughly angered, and with a wave of his fist, he slammed away at Lin Fan’s head!
At this moment, Ba Ye almost brought the professional elements of a black boxer into full play.
Even a black boxer of the same level, under this violent blow, is very likely to be knocked out!
However, a scene that made everyone even more shocked appeared!
Facing Ba Ye’s fierce punch, Lin Fan seemed to have not reacted, standing stupidly on the spot, motionless!
A punch hit Lin Fan’s head!
The many black boxers and the audience below cheered in an instant. They didn’t expect that Lin Fan would speak wildly, but with such strength.
Even without a reaction, he was hit by a punch.
Just in this sound of cheering, it just started to boil, but it stopped abruptly.
Because everyone sees it!
At the moment when Ba Ye’s punch hit Lin Fan’s face, Lin Fan’s head was slammed toward the direction of the fist!
The sound of broken bones instantly exploded.
Let the smiles on everyone’s faces in the entire wolf hall completely freeze.

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