Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 288

I’ve scrapped you!
Ba Ye only felt a numb scalp, he had never seen a person who said the words’destroy you’, said so lightly.
As if in Lin Fan’s mouth,’abolishing you’ is giving you a gift, and’killing you’ is a matter of course!
“No!” At the moment, the Eighth Master was panicked to the extreme, and the whole person turned his head and wanted to jump off the ring!
But at this moment!
The body he had just jumped up suddenly froze in the air, because a big hand, I don’t know when, grabbed his ankle!
“Boy, you… let go…”
Ba Ye was about to exclaim.
But at this moment!
Everyone saw with amazement, Lin Fan grabbed Ba Ye’s ankle, and then twisted and waved his entire arm.
It turned out to be like waving a wooden stick, shaking Ba Ye whole person.
Then he smashed it against the ring!
Ba Ye’s huge body, like a boulder, was severely hit on the ground below the ring.
The sound of KAKA is endless!
The entire ground, under this terrifying blasting force, actually jumped to pieces.
A series of spider web-like cracks, centered on Ba Ye’s body, spread densely in all directions.
A stream of scarlet blood continuously spilled out of the eighth master’s mouth.
His eyes were dull.
The whole person was smashed like a puddle of mud, limp to the ground, unable to move at all.
When a black boxer stepped forward quickly, and after a little inspection, the black boxer’s complexion instantly seemed to have seen a ghost, pale:
“Ba Ye’s bones, all…broken!” The bones, all broken!
In a word, everyone in the entire wolf hall was breathless.
how can that be.
At this moment, everyone in the wolf hall opened their eyes wide, and could hardly believe everything they heard.
They saw with their own eyes that Lin Fan had only made one move from beginning to end.
The head’s counter shock force shattered Ba Ye’s arm.
And with a wave of his hand, the Eighth Master’s whole bones were broken, which is unbelievable.
Everyone looked at Lin Fan again, without a trace of mockery or contempt, but as if they were looking at a monster, full of shock and fear.
Especially the Iron Face Wolf.
His complexion was extremely solemn, and he asked the boxer who was checking:
“Old Six, are you sure that Old Eight’s bones are all broken?” With a wave, the Iron Face Wolf couldn’t imagine how powerful it was. , In order to make a person’s bones, all chopped up, reduced to waste.
This is incredible.
Heard this!
The face of the boxer was unprecedentedly solemn:
“Lord Wolf, I have checked it. In addition to the integrity of the skull, the bones of the limbs and the bones of the eighth are broken, as many as ten! Six ribs are broken, and the rest of the fine bones are broken. , It is countless! ”
Speaking of which!
This boxer named’Lao Liu’ saw a ghost on his face:
“It can be said that Baye is completely…abolished!”
Wow…As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the entire wolf hall was once again in an uproar.
Everyone heard clearly, Lin Fan said before that he was going to abolish Ba Ye.
And now, this guy actually did it, and done it in such a rough way with one wave.
This made all the black fighters and customers numb.

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