Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 293 & 294

The words of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf fell!
The whole wolf hall was completely exploded.
I saw that among the dense crowd, one after another, shouting, rushing out like lightning.
Towards Lin Fan on the ring, rushed crazy!
ten people!
Twenty people!
Thirty people!
…The little beggars and others, seeing this shocking scene, their faces were astonished.
They had never seen such a magnificent group fight scene, and almost a hundred boxers besieged one person together. If this were passed out, it would definitely shock the entire Jiangcheng.
In particular, the black boxer who was crushing the black box almost filled the ring.
At a glance, it is full of human shadows!
Two fists are hard to beat four hands. Almost everyone does not believe that Lin Fan can really beat one hundred!
After all, this is incredible!
“Lin Fan, die! I don’t believe you can still be so lucky this time!”
Wen Qian sitting on the ground, her nose and mouth bleeding, but she didn’t care, instead she stared at the ring with vicious eyes.
She couldn’t wait to see Lin Fan being knocked down, abolished, or even killed!
Only in this way!
She can feel happy and happy.
More than her!
The iron-faced gray wolf next to him also had a thick grin at the corner of his mouth:
“Little beast, you are finished, you are dead this time!” The iron-faced gray wolf’s face flashed fiercely!
The little beggar and others were scared into cold sweat.
“Big brother must be possible! Definitely!” The little beggar seemed to pray for Lin Fan at this moment.
As if the heavens heard her prayer, the next scene made everyone even more unable to believe their eyes!
Bang bang bang!
The iron-faced gray wolf waited for everyone to see that the faster the black boxers, who seemed to be beaten in blood, rushed towards the ring, but the faster they were beaten back to fly.
The sound of cracking bones resounded constantly.
One after another, like trash, they were beaten out.
A mouthful of scarlet blood, constantly squirting out of their mouths!
ten people!
…The crackling sound of falling to the ground, the sound of vomiting blood.
Lin Fan stood on the ring, like a human-shaped meat grinder. Everywhere he passed, there were silhouettes vomiting blood.
Every time he shot, it was incredible.
Like a ghost, on the ring, flashing and moving.
The black boxer rushing up in a dense number, even the corners of his clothes, were hard to touch.
“No… how could this happen!”
Dense cold sweat, surging down from the iron-faced gray wolf’s forehead!
He had never seen such a strong person.
His subordinates looked like ants in the opponent’s hands, and they were beaten into the air between being waved.
This is simply incredible!
Seeing that the number of people under him was getting fewer and fewer, the iron-faced gray wolf felt a chill on his back.
“Damn! Damn! Damn!”
“This guy’s strength is afraid that only my master, Yunhai City’s number one master King Kong, can match it!”
“What should I do now? Should I call Master Dao and Master Tiger, come to support?”
The Iron Face Wolf panicked completely.
Following another figure, he was blasted off the ring.
The entire wolf hall has fallen into dead silence for the first time.
The iron-faced gray wolf turned his eyes, and suddenly saw that on the ground of the entire wolf hall, there were densely packed men lying one after another.
Most of these people passed out.
There was only one wound on their bodies, but this one wound completely abolished them.
There are as many as 60 or 70 people.
The only remaining twenty-odd black boxers were almost scared to pee at this moment.
They stood in place, trembling all over. Everyone looked at Lin Fan with deep fear and panic. No one dared to step forward!
“Damn it!” The Iron-faced Gray Wolf was completely dumbfounded.
At this moment, he even planned to escape.
More than him!
Wen Qian next to her was dumbfounded.
She kept swallowing her saliva, as if she had seen a ghost.
She had never seen such a strong man in her entire life. With one enemy and dozens of them, especially one person for every move, it was simply too shocking.
at the same time!
Outside the wolf hall, cars stopped!
These cars are densely packed, forming two long long cars, from the north and the south, toward the gate of the wolf hall.
The moment the car door opened, the crowded men quickly walked out one by one.
In the sedan to the north.
Those who walked down were all men in white, more than two hundred people!
On the southern car, all the men who walked down were big men in suits and leather shoes, one or two hundred people!
Everyone had a machete in his hand, and his expression was extremely solemn.
When the two cars headed to a stop!
All the big guys lined up in two walls in front of the cars.
Then, two figures walked down from the two cars respectively.
It is Heihu and Daoye!
The two looked at each other at this moment, but as if they were in a tacit understanding, they nodded to each other.
Then, they said to their subordinates separately:
“Everyone prepares everything neatly!”
“This time, abolish the group of wolf pups, but be careful, each of the group of wolf pups has experienced many battles. , Extremely fierce!”
All the white-clothed men and the black-clothed men agreed in unison.
Everyone’s faces looked like an enemy.
after all!
The name of the wolf hall is extremely resounding, and every black boxer in it is arrogant and ruthless.
At this moment, under the solemn expression of everyone!
Master Dao and Master Tiger kicked each other and kicked on the two gates of the Wolf Hall.
Suddenly, the door opened.
Then, Master Dao and Master Tiger waved their hands, and brought their men into the wolf hall like a tide!
When they just walked into the wolf hall, everyone’s footsteps stopped abruptly.
Whether it was Master Dao or Master Tiger, the expressions on their faces instantly changed from the dignified look of an enemy to incredible consternation!
What…what’s going on?
Master Dao and Master Tiger were completely stunned. They originally thought that after they rushed in, they would face the death gaze of nearly a hundred powerful black fighters.
But now!
There are only figures lying densely on the ground.
Each of these figures was abolished. They lay on the ground, either fainted or howled miserably.
This is even more shocking.
“How is it possible!”
Daoye and the others, one by one, felt a chill on their backs.
They recognized that all seventy or eighty people on this ground were black boxers in the wolf hall.
But at this moment, these black boxers no longer had the arrogance and cruelty they used to be, each of them looked like dead dogs, unable to get up from the ground at all.

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